Bobby Brown Makes a Quick Stop at Whitney Houston's Funeral

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Although Bobby Brown was ultimately invited to the Whitney Houston funeral after much controversy about his attendance, he didn't stay long at the service for his ex-wife who died earlier this month on February 11, 2012 and far too soon at the age of 48.

The R&B singer, who originally hails from the Roxbury area of Boston, arrived about 15 minutes before the memorial (at 11:28 a.m.) at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, the childhood house of worship where Whitney Houston performed as a child in the choir.

But as she took her final bow at the same church, Bobbie Brown only managed to stay for a very short time.

When he first arrived, he went to the casket of his former spouse of 14 years. He touched it, and then retreated to the back where he stood with his posse. Although Brown was asked to be seated, he was told that those who had accompanied him to the service were not.

And so, with son Landon in tow, Bobbie Brown left New Hope Baptist Church some 20 minutes after the noon service started in his Black Escalade. At that point, two gospel choirs had performed.

By way of background, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were married in 1992. The couple were parents to Bobbi Kristina, who is now 18 years old. Their marriage was filled with turmoil, including a domestic violence case in which police found Whitney with a cut lip and a bruised cheek. That was in 2003. The marriage ended in 2007.

Although Bobby Brown was reported as being banned from Whitney's funeral earlier in the week, that gossip was debunked and Brown did appear at the funeral after performing with his band, New Edition, earlier in the week. He was also booked to perform in Connecticut with New Edition tonight but whether or not he will show up for the gig at Mohegan Sun is not known for sure.

Meanwhile, ABC News has confirmed that Bobby Brown did leave Whitney Houston's funeral shortly after arriving in what could have been a reaction to the seating situation mentioned above. Details on this information will be updated here as soon as they are available..

Image: Of the late Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown's ex wife, Wikimedia Commons

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