Bohemian Rhapsody Goes Viral As Sung by a Drunk in a Cop Car Covering Queen (Video)

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Bohemian Rhapsody became a seminal hit when sung by an iconic British rock group in the mid 1970s. And that was well deserved, as opposed to the most recent rave about the Queen song as interpreted by an alleged soused Canadian.

This crooner was not only said to be drunk but he was riding in a cop car when his vocals were captured on video while the singer was being carted off to jail. Then that video was posted on YouTube and went viral in a hurry.

As for the rendition of the well known tune, well it was rather bawdy and sung full out by the reported offender who apparently decided to make the most of his most recent ride.

The singer's name is Robert Wilkinson, and he hails from Edson, Alberta.

After he begged to differ with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that he was "sort of intoxicated, as you proclaim," Robert went into full Bohemian Rhapsody mode in what has to be considered a decent job given that he was likely "under the weather" as the Irish call a drunk, he was not a professional crooner, and he was tackling a tough song while riding in a vehicle driven by the police.

As for the instrumentals that were part of the arrangement of the song, Wilkinson provided those parts too, by way of different sounds like na na and bah bah bah.

About to reach the most anticipated part of the song, the officer in charge of what was going on in the car told the avid singer that he should shut his trap. Well, he wasn't so crude: In fact. he called Rob "Sir" and told him to "calm down."

But that wasn't on this alleged soused soul's agenda. He told the officer who sat in the front of the car that was carrying the crooner to the clinker that he wasn't able to comply with that request.

And then, as soon as he called out "I can't" he was off again, singing another verse from Bohemian Rhapsody that ended up on a video of the Queen song that went viral today.

One of the nearly 2 million viewers who took the Robert Wilkinson video viral said of the rendition, "I love how the drunk guy knows all the words to the song and the cop just acts like this´╗┐ happens all the time..."

By the way, according to Canada's National Post, the police were not the ones who posted the video (which is below). In fact, it was Robert Wilkinson who did that job in a case wherein the singer of the hour pleaded not guilty when presented with a DUI that the alleged law-breaker said wasn't appropriate for the occasion. In an act of law, Wilkinson was given the video when evidence of his episode was requested for his case.

Court for the Bohemian Rhapsody crooner who was reportedly drunk is in session come November, 2012 in Alberta, Canada.

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