Calcutta To Be Painted Blue With Dye Job To Make Smurfs Smile

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Calcutta (or Kolkata) is not turning into a Smurf sanctuary, but the city in India is being painted blue in order to glorify a beautification process aimed at cleaning up the capital of West Bengal which is home to some 14.1 million residents.

And soon, more visitors will be making their way to this picturesque area of India that is turning buildings, bridges, landmarks, fly-overs, and , yes, even taxis into a uniform hue.

Specifically, Calcutta is about to be dripping in Pantone 15-4020 TC, which is sky blue in the vernacular.

This effort, blue as it is, is a stab at covering up this metropolis' massive amount of urban decay. It is a way of making a point in a peaceful yet no denial kind of way in this mystical place that exists on the east bank of the Hooghly River.

As an adjunct to this blue dousing, the Calcutta government is now going by the motto that says "The sky is the limit." As if that wasn't enough, the city's lights will shine in blue during evenings in this popular Indian city that has seen more than its share of woes.

Indeed, local Calcutta Telegraph says, "Finding the right color combination is undoubtedly the crucial first step in making a city safer, healthier, cleaner and generally more user-friendly for its inhabitants."

But then the publication goes on to stress, "It could, with as little doubt, sort out its core problems — chaotic healthcare, inability to implement pollution control norms, arsenic in the water, archaic sewers and garbage disposal, bad roads, killer buses for public transport, an airport falling apart and beyond dismal, priceless paintings rotting away in public art galleries, to name a few."

And so, as the blue-ing begins, at least one hometown paper thinks that government monies should probably be allotted to other problems that appear to be more urgent.

But that's going to happen even quicker if Calcutta gets the attention the city seeks while going blue to bring about that change. And what an ingenious plan, one that is hitting the Internet so hard that the whole concept is trending all over the world so this very blue advertisement for change is obviously making big strides already.

Ad so, with that as an impetus, all we can say is, "Go Calcutta! Go blue!"

Image: Creative commons, Rajarshi Roychowdhury

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