George Clooney Calls for Embassy of Sudan Protest Post Secret Sudan Visit and Talks with Obama

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Wednesday, George Clooney was keen on participating in a protest at the Sudan Embassy in Washington, DC. His intensions? To gain attention to the African nation's violent activities revolving around President Omar al-Bashir's unabashed quest for oil, causing what Clooney calls "potential genocide."

This call to action came about after the actor and activist made his sixth trip to the troubled nation. This time, Clooney's travels to the Southern part of Sudan on the border were much more hush-hush than ever before, and quite dangerous. He called his visit to a place where serious conflict looms to be "hairy."

Apparently, Clooney was in the line of fire during a rocket attack (he said he could actually feel the blast) but that didn't deter this well known personality from documenting what he witnessed in this terrorized nation in an impending disaster that George believes can be prevented.

During an interview on Today with Ann Curry, with whom he had visited Sudan before, George Clooney said on March 14 that he was not as scared about what happened to him during the attack as he was about "the randomness of the violence and [the Sudanese] people getting killed and hurt."

He went with a statistical accounting, saying that in the small village he visited, " 39 were ...killed in the last month [and] 514 [were] injured." The famous man pointed out that this tragedy was just one of so many villages in the region.

Meanwhile, Clooney went on the record to say that these people and all the others were killed because of Omar al-Bashir and two others who were previously charged for Darfur war crimes. He talked about how citizens of South Sudan "are living in caves because they're getting bombed and they're getting bombed every day."

He added, "This is not a military exercise. These are innocent people."

And then, in a stirring summation of how George Clooney feels about the dire situation, he said, "At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is creating space to get to the oil... and South Sudan has the oil, and North Sudan has the refineries, and that's the problem."

That said, George Clooney is set to speak with US President Barack Obama about the South Sudan plight, and will wait until that discussion before going ahead go protest outside the Embassy of Sudan, located at 2210 Massachusetts Ave., NW, on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C., come Friday.

Warning: The following video with George Clooney in South Sudan is quite graphic.


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Please leave the people of the North Sudan alone We fed up with your lying about us you like to be famous by showing Americans that you care but i swear you don't give a **** and all this is about your hates to Sudanese ppl ( Arab Sudanese )

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