Gospel Singer Cissy Houston Speaks of Sorrow, Fans Recall Whitney and Mother Singing Together (Video)

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There's no bond like the one Cissy Houston had with Whitney. After all, a mother and daughter's love alone is unbreakable, but add to that matching talent and you have an insurmountable relationship.

So, when this Gospel singer lost her daughter on Saturday, nobody could imagine how she felt.

And now Cissy speaks out about the death of her 48-year-old child, Whitney Houston, through a statement that was signed by the entire Houston family. The statement read, “We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Whitney. This is an unimaginable tragedy and we will miss her terribly. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from her fans and friends.”

Although these came in late on Sunday via Just Jared, the woman who was behind the diva one hundred percent did some silent speaking by having a member of the family tell Clive Davis that the pre-Grammy party he was hosting at the very place where her daughter died that same day should go on because Whitney would have wanted it that way. She would have appreciated the celebration.

No doubt this is true as music and mom were what Cissy and Whitney Houston were all about. In fact, they often appeared together giving impromptu concerts, singing such tunes as Sweet Baby, You Send Me and Ain't No Way in duet. In the video below, they sang a fan favorite called I Know Him So Well.

But now the duo is no longer able to perform together. And with that, the praise the mother had for her child resonates even louder.

She once told an interviewer, “I’m actually amazed sometimes. She just goes, she soars. And hearing her sometimes just gives me chills.”

Obviously, Cissy Houston was not alone in gaining that effect from her talented daughter but this was one person who understood. She introduced music to her kid in church and she also listened as a very young Whitney told her mom that not only was she going to be a star, but that she was going to be so famous that Cissy would never have to work again.

But work for Cissy Houston is a pleasure, at least when she's singing.

The 78-year-old has been singing the gospel for her entire life. She backed up such iconic acts as Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson, Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin. Indeed, Cissy has made a name for herself in a very talented family that also includes Dionnne Warwick, who is Whitney's cousin

And now that family is one less. But the music from Cissy Houston's daughter Whitney will be heard for eternity. What an amazing gift to give to the world. RIP, Whitney Houstoh, RIP.

Image of Cissy Houston: Creative Commons, Tom Marcello


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So sorry Cissy for your loss of a wonderful daughter and friend you had in Whitney. MY pain is nothing compared to you and your family, but I do still hurt everyday thinking and listening to Whitney's music. Whitney was a wonderful, loving, talented human being with such unbelievable voice. I don't care what any of these horrible folks say about Whitney, you could tell she loved the Lord and we all have our own crosses to bear. Thank you for introducing God to her and for bringing up such a wonderful person that you shared with us all these years. We will get to see and hear Whitney again one day. Until then, God is enjoying her. God Bless you Cissy and all your family, including Dionne Warwick. I listen to you all 3, with such beautiful voices. Love to you and God Bless you all. RIP Whitney

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