Jessica Biel Flashes An Engagement Ring Reminiscent of Kate Middleton's

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Jessica Biel has been holding out while out and about, not wearing the engagement ring she was said to have been given along with a proposal from Justin Timberlake when the two promised to marry during the holidays.

However, the ring finally came out when Jessica did on Thursday with Justin and another couple in her company.

There's plenty of photographic proof thanks to the paparazzi, like this shot of the giant rock that not only boasts a huge center diamond but lots off smaller ones surrounding the main stone and others that decorate the band.

The place where this sighting and subsequent shooting of the up-until-now absent ring was in Tinseltown on the West side of town in a Brentwood restaurant called Tavern. The time this incident occurred yesterday was after the typical lunch hour but before supper time.

At that time, Jessica Biel was rocking a fairly conservative look, with a white jacket that revealed zippered sleeves looking a lot like a garment from the William Rast label owned by fiancé Justin Timberlake. This jacket was worn over a turquoise, two-tiered silk frock and the actress' hair, which had heavy bangs hanging down, was pulled back into a pony tail. Chic but casual, not like the ring which is by far more a dressy item that is displayed in a square cut with the edges rounded.

This ring -- without the smaller diamonds on the band and with a sapphire in the place of a diamond -- looks a bit like the one Kate Middleton wears and the one that Princess Diana once donned when she was married to Prince Charles. Although the shapes are a bit different as are the stones, the rings are similar in feel and in size.

Or so the two seem when seen side by side.

Here's a shot of the one the Duchess of Cambridge is now sporting as a way to compare with the photograph above of the one Jessica Biel had on yesterday to make it easier to notice the resemblance one of these famous rings has to the other.

Whether or not one is bigger, better, or more expensive than the other is actually beside the point.

What Jessica Biel's new adornment has to do with the one that Kate Middleton has been wearing for quite a while now is more symbolic.

It means that the 30-year-old American and the 30-year-old royal, who are contemporaries living across the pond from each other, are going to live happily ever after, each with their man of choice after enduring a dating period that patterned the other woman's dating period quite a bit, break-ups and make-ups, and all.

So congratulations Jessica Biel. That's quite an engagement ring Justin Timberlake laid on you, especially exciting and as enduring as the one Prince William laid on Kate Middleton not so long ago. Enjoy!

Image: Wikipedia, Maggie Jumps

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