Justin Bieber Springs Titanic Surprise on Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber may only be 17, but he has grand ways of showing his love for his girl. Titanic ways even.

And that's titanic both literally and in terms of the monumental movie of the same name since the young singing sensation arranged for a private screening of the Academy Award-winning James Cameron movie (you know, the one with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio).

In fact, the screening proved to be titanic in and of itself when the showing took place on Friday at the the giant Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Indeed, in order to pull of this monumental stunt, Justin Bieber not only had to get Selena Gomez to go along with this secret part of their date, but the Biebs also had to literally shut down the 20,000-seat venue in order to pull off the big reveal.

But this was only part of a big evening for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez who were out for a whole night on the town, and all planned by JB.

The first act took place at the Nokia Theater, LA, which is located across the street from the Staples Center. There, the 19-year-old singer/actress and her 17-year-old boyfriend took in a Demi Lovato concert.

And then, after Demi sang her last note much to the delight of all fans (Justin and Selena included), more fun ensued as the Biebs put on his version of the Adam Sandler Winona Ryder date that happened in the rom-com called Mr. Deeds. In this flick. the Sandler character takes the Ryder character on a surprise date to New York City's famed Madison Square Garden.

But Justin's version was at the revered Staples Center, a left coast landmark that he and Selena reached via underground tunnel from Nokia Theater -- which, for these super stars, was a great way not to run into any raging fans as the two lovebugs headed for the biggest surprise of this very special evening.

According to reports , as well as directly from Justin Bieber (even if Bieber only said so in a hidden message kind of way), this was a special evening. After the epic event Justin Bieber shared with Selena Gomez where the two sat solo to watch the sob-worthy Titanic in the huge Staples Center auditorium, JB took to Twitter to tell what he knows about dating -- just in case other boys need some instruction on how keep their girlfriends happy.

Justin Bieber tweeted, "romance isnt dead. treat your lady right fellas. #REAL"

That's for sure.

Oh, and one more aspect of the evening when Justin Bieber arranged for a Titanic show to impress Selena Gomez was that he did not have to pay for the use of the Staples Center. In fact, the venue was given to him free of charge since no other activity was scheduled at the big facility for Friday night. Score yet again for the young Justin Bieber, just a sappy romantic at heart.


Submitted by Maryam (not verified) on
I love it! He is such a romantic & sweet guy!! Love you Justin!<3

Submitted by Justin Bieber (not verified) on
Hey Maryam, that is very sweet of you! I love you! :)

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