Kim Kardashian - Is KK Pregnant While Going Through Divorce from Kris Humphries?

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Kim Kardashian gossip is running rampant since she announced her divorce filing from new husband Kris Humphries.

And now that the reality star is in Australia, one of a number of loudly whispered words on this particular personality is that she's pregnant. As in with child. As in giving birth at some point in the next nine months.

Well, consider the source as reported by another source.

It's yet another tabloid. And although Star magazine claims the "couple's battle over having a baby" was the "final straw" that led to her decision to split from Kris Humphries, more than one valid sorce is disputing this allegation. That includes her mom, Kris Jenner, who spoke to this contention in the negative while talking about her daughter's current situation on entertainment TV news show The Insider.

Yet, according to the sensational publication, Star, their writers are sticking to their guns. In printed form they are saying "Kim wanted to have a baby, but she realized she didn't want to have [that baby] with Kris."

To back up this supposition about supposed with-child Kim Kardashian, Star said through their unknown source, "She's showing a lot of the signs of being pregnant. [Kim Kardashian] is not drinking, and she looks like she could be hiding her tummy a little more. She's being very coy about it too."

Yes, Kim has been coy about this situation (particularly during recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno). But, then again, the reality star tends to be coy about a lot of things. However, this particular brand of gossip often comes out about public personalities even though the nature of this talk is very personal and private. Take Jessica Simpson. She was certainly coy about her condition, which did prove to be true and in a totally different context with her fiance of long-standing.

But with Kim Kardashian, well it's a far different story. In fact, the idea that she is pregnant is simply not true according to other sources close to this now scrutinized newely wed who is getting who is going through a troubled time as she seeks divorce after only 72 days of marriage. But this and other "out there" speculations are bound to turn up for the business woman who has a brand that is incredibly successful on a world wide level.

That being said, as for Kim Kardashian and the alleged pregnancy rumor, her spokesperson made light of it to say, "No, Kim Kardashian is not pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby."

And so there you have it. Well sort of.


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its a possiblity that kim k is pregnant, i sure hope not, that baby does not need to be raised in a broken family,

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Sorry, but KK stands for Karolina Kurkova. Let's not make that mistake again :)

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