Kim Kardashian To Press Charges On Bully Who Flour Bombed Her? [Video]

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Kim Kardashian seems to have changed her mind about whether or not to press charges on the bully who flour bombed the reality star during the launch of her new perfume on Thursday.

Although Kimmy K was not going to go through with a formal complaint, she is not reportedly contemplating doing something about the situation since she apparently wants to set an example so that this sort of attack does not continue or does have have an impact that what was done can be construed as OK.

At first. this cool, calm and collected Kardashian sister looked the situation straight in the eye and put the flour incident behind her almost immediately after the incident happened while she was walking the red carpet in lobby of The London West Hollywood where, further inside the hotel, friends, family and press were showcasing her new fragrance, True Reflection.

And now, as a true reflection about what happened and possibly why, Kim Kardashian says she has had a change of heart about her attacker and what she did.

"I said earlier no I wasn't [going to press charges...[now] I am just going to think about it, because I don't want someone to think they can really get away with that. So we are going to handle that," Kim told US magazine via E News.

She commented to co-hosts Ken Baker and Giuliana Rancic that the matter was more serious than she originally thought, and that the substance that hit her full on could have been dangerous. It could have been something other than flour. As KK put it, "[The white powder] could have been a dangerous weapon."

And so, with that Kim is taking more security precautions than ever before. She is also getting to the heart of a matter that had her literally shaking off flour from her black jacket and long black hair before getting on with the event at hand that benefited the Dress for Success foundation, which is a somewhat ironic name for a great cause given what happened to the Keeping up with the Kardashians star.

As it now stands, TMZ reports that Kardashian is going to "contact law enforcement in a few days."

The entertainment source says that even though this high-profile personality did not go into action against the woman who threw the white stuff at her while shouting "fur hag" at first because she didn't want to disrupt her event, which was for charity, she is now doing a 180 for the sake of making that person accountable for her actions.

And so, as Kim Kardashian has a change of heart about what happened when a flour bomber came at her in a bullying kind of way, this fierce woman is turning out to be one to be reckoned with when injustice seems to prevail. Stay tuned.

Image: Wikipedia, Glenn Francis

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