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Lady Gaga - A 'White Christmas' Song at Z100 Jingle Ball 2011, Both Raunchy and Nice (Video)

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Lady Gaga showed her usual moxy on stage for the annual Z100 Jingle Ball concert in New York City.

This was especially evident when the outrageous performance artist gave the demanding and extremely excited crowd her very special rendition of White Christmas.

Far from the tradition of Bing Crosby's delivery--a soothing vocalist who typically appeared on television in front of a blazing fireplace to sing the holiday classic--Gaga was, well, more than a little bit naughty in her interpretation.

While starting out with a jazzy version of the iconic tune, surrounded by spiky Christmas trees, antlers, holiday lights, and a lot of other seasonal props at her feet, this talent suddenly paused during her performance to pontificate in what could have been considered a vulgar statement. Still, what she said was a very Mother Monster way of laying it on the line.

Indeed, at that moment, Lady Gaga said about singing White Christmas to the throngs who had gathered at Madison Square Garden, "So I recently added a couple of lyrics to this song because I think it's too short. Just when I get into it, it stops. It's like a really bad orgasm."

And then, without missing a beat, the always controversial crooner shouted, "Merry Christmas New York!" before going into her raunchier rendition.

It wasn't the additional words that were suspect. Rather, it was what Gaga was doing on stage as she simulated sex while wearing little more than a dazzling body suit that resembled more of a bathing suit than anything else.

But this Lady Gaga version of White Christmas that was definitely naughty was part of a concert that was also nice. The singer was in rare form, at one point playing a Christmas tree-shaped cross between a keyboard and a guitar, called a keytar.

As for her costumes, these perpetually intriguing ensembles varied, with Gaga finishing up while donning a hospital gown as she did in the Marry the Night video and while singing that very song, after which time ed confetti covered the gleeful crowd.

Apparently, this particular choice as well as the song she sang before that one (Born This Way) was Mother Monster's way of paying homage to a cause this singer believes will make a difference to struggling kids all over the world. Called STOMP Out Bullying, the charity received proceeds from Z100 Jingle Ball 2011, and a lot of attention from this entertainer.

Lady Gaga talked about the message she and STOMP are trying to get across, saying to the crowd, "It's important to keep everyone safe in school."

As she wound down for the evening, Lady Gaga began to belt arguably her most enigmatic tune, Born This Way. The roar of the crowd full of Little Monsters proved that even when a White Christmas cover isn't much like it used to be, this particular anthem still has the same impact no matter how often the song is performed by its creator. Happy holidays, Lady Gaga, and thanks for the memories, always vivid from a very vivid imagination.

Z100 Jingle Ball can be seen on the small screen on the Fuse network come December 18, 2011.

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