Mexico Calls Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson to Puerto Vallarta During Spring Break

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Mexico is a laid-back, calming place to sooth what ails any relationship and Bachelor Ben Flahnik must realize this. After all, he took his made-for-TV fiancé Courtney Robertson to Puerto Vallarta over the weekend after moving in with his future wife in San Francisco.

The trip for these two who have, historically, been on again, off again since meeting and getting together on the TV reality show on ABC happened in the middle of spring break, but these reality stars are not in college, nor in high school either.

Still, Ben and Courtney often act like kids, and so playing in the Mexican Riviera was a good choice for a fun-loving holiday. Still, these two reality stars had been gaming their fans throughout their getaway and even before the couple traveled south of the border.

Saturday morning, Flajnik tweeted a photo to indicate his location with Robertson but the guesses where were just that: Guesses. He wasn't giving in to tell The Bachelor fans where he had taken his lady.

Then, on Sunday night, Ben finally gave away their latest vacation spot. He tweeted, "Back from Puerto Vallarta! (@San Francisco International Airport w/ 127 others," and showed the Foursquare map from his iPhone as proof.

Later, Flahnik told one of his followers that it was "nice to get away for a bit" while chatting on Twitter.

As for the fact that he was there with Courtney Robertson was implied when she posted on Facebook that she was "heading out to SF! Have an awesome weekend everyone! ;) oxox"

Then, she, too, toyed with her FB followers, posting, "Aruba..Jamaica..Ooo I wanna take you Bermuda Bahama come on pretty mama..., egging them on with these iconic Beach Boys lyrics to Cocomo.

The guesses included Trinitdad and Tobaga in the Caribbean while one fan thought that Courtney remained in San Francisco, his town, while Ben was in Arizona, where Robertson originally hails from.

Then, on Monday evening, Courtney posted a photo from the vacation she took with Bachelor Ben. They both looked happy and tan. She was wearing a white bathing suit cover that showed off her lanky legs while Ben was in red shorts (a swimsuit as well?) with a blue top. They both had on shades, and Courtney rocked a tropical-styled hat with a wide brim to shield her from the intense Mexican sun.

In the remarks for this particular pic, one fan wrote that Puerto Vallarto is muy romantic and that this is the destination where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love.

Even if that tempestuous love was actually initially sealed while the superstars were filming Cleopatra on the other side of the world, Puerto Vallarta was a favorite spot for Liz and Dick, and PV--as the locals call their pier of paradise--could become a special spot in Mexico for Bachelor Ben Flajnick and Courtney Robertson.

That could definitely be the case if these two can stay together long enough to work through their problems and really enjoy a deep connection to each other. For that we say keep on traveling! It's great way to bond.

Image: Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson in Puerto Vallarta, Facebook

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