Michelle Obama Faces Off with Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres for Let's Move Challenges (video)

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Tuesday, Michelle Obama took on Jimmy Fallon in a number of competitions that may seem unlikely fare for both the First Lady and for late night television, but this was all part of a big plan.

And that plan is all part of the "Let's Move" initiative Mrs. Obama is pushing around the country, recently by challenging talk show hosts all in the name of good health.

First it was Ellen.

Last week on DeGeneres' show, Michelle Obama took on the always game for a game host in what can only be described as a push-up duel of sorts.

Who could do the most repetitions of this tough yet classic exercise right then, right there, on the Ellen stage?

Prior to the showdown, the First Lady told the comedian how she spends some two hours working out every day back at the White House. It was during this "bragging" session that Ellen said she would take Michelle on any day.

Obama shot back that perhaps she should be careful, given her "back issues" and all.

But the two were on, with the guest taking the host by 5 push-ups.

Then this week, Ellen challenged the legitimacy of this win, saying that perhaps Michelle's form wasn't quite up to snuff as hers purportedly was.

The jury is still out on that claim, but the competition didn't stop with DeGeneres. Last night, she was up against Jimmy Fallon in all sorts of pre-recorded contests that took place at the White House, from tug-of-war and hula hooping to potato sack racing, and, yes, push-ups.

To say Michelle Obama put Jimmy Fallon to shame is an understatement. Even in the potato sack racing category, one in which the late night host said he was sure he would win, Fallon flopped when jumping around next to the First Lady.

Still, Obama and Fallon are of like minds when it comes to looking ridiculous, especially if there's meaning behind those actions. In fact, the First Lady admitted she is "pretty much willing to make a complete fool out of myself to get our kids moving." The NBC on-air interviewer, a man who is proud to be a clown, obviously stands behind that statement as was shown last night through his antics at the house where the President's family lives.

And with all that said, Michelle Obama proved in the past two weeks that not only Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres, but just about anyone anywhere can get up and do some sort of exercise no matter who they are, how old they happen to be, and how lazy they have become in these days of video games and smart phones where typically all that gets worked out are your finger muscles.

With that in mind, now all that has to happen is a reaction to the First Lady's challenge that every American should be part of "Let's Move." No excuses accepted, right Michelle Obama?

Image: Joyce N. Boghosian, White House photographer

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