No Pants Sunday 2012: Subway Riders Drop Trou' Across America on January 8

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Leaping Lady Gaga! No Pants Sunday returns again tomorrow, January 8, 2012 as subway riders drop trou' across the United States in honor of this special day.

And what a special day it is. In fact, the decade old tradition is so special it probably needs little explanation, but for the clueless, some advice on the day's etiquette practices may come in handy.

So we considered the sources. And we found, on Facebook, the No Pants Sunday activities in Washington, D.C. plans put this celebration in the most succinct perspective.

One pertinent pointer from the DC group is, "Remember to try and keep undergarments PG-13 or "safer."... Indecency laws are purely subjective so as long as we avoid making people say *gasp, I'm offended* we should be ok."

This group, who plan to go sans pants on Sunday on the metro that runs under our nation's capital have also been told, "Also remember this is NOT a nudism event or group, nor is it affiliated with any nudism event or group."

The Facebook page devoted to No Pants Metro Ride DC 2012 also notes, "The point of the day is not to "protest pants" it is to enjoy the hilarity that ensues when 400 people one day just... forget their pants!"

The quirky ride ensues starting at 2 p.m. Sunday in Washington, D.C. where the weather report says the mercury should hit around 50 degree. No bad for those who are about to lose their pants.

Even better off for members of the No Pants Sunday community live or are visiting Los Angeles which is hosting a strange winter heat wave and which offers a comfortable 74 degrees for those who anticipate dropping trou' in public.

The No Pants metro ride in the City of Angeles is their 11th, and is said to be a time where "Hollywood booties run rampant and goosebumps far between."

LA Weekly, Tinseltown's insiders' publication, runs down the plans for the pant free event, noting that, "Ride captains will begin gathering agents at their respective stations at 1pm, and they'll have you at Union Station before 2pm for part two."

At that point, questions will be answered and participants will be required to take off their pants before boarding. A group picture will be taken at this storied Los Angeles landmark at 2:05 p.m. on the dot.

Meanwhile, instruction details for No Pants Sunday in San Francisco can be found on Twitter at @NOPantsSF so anyone no knowing when and where to no wear the lower half of their outfit can go there.

Festivities for the City by the Bay begins on BART at 1 p.m. and lasts until 4 p.m. One source had advised that in lieu of pants, those who want to join in on the fun pick colorful socks and unique underwear for the day. Apparently, those aspects of the celebration make for better picture taking and thus better documentation that the event did, indeed, take place.

And don't foget the Big Apple. No Pants Sunday on NYC subways will have riders emulate native daughter Lady Gaga who often goes out without her pants. These carefree New Yorkers are also privy to a specific Facebook page that tell the who, what, where, how and why of not only this offbeat but very fun (and funny) event, but also the after party to celebrate the day when everyone parted with their pants.

With that being said, will you be in a city that offers the opportunity to take part in No Pants Sunday on January 8? Will you ride the subway (which may be called the Metro, or in SF, BART) without benefit of lower body covering of any kind except undies? Will this become one of your annual traditions? If so, well, all we can say is bottoms up!

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Sunday is January 8th, not January 7th.

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Thanks for catching that! I will adjust and appreciate your help!

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