Pippa Middleton Modalu Handbag Goes Viral

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Pippa Middleton arguably became the world's favorite fashionista when her sister married and when she wore and a snug and somewhat sassy white Alexander McQueen dress to stand up for Kate when she wed Prince William.

But that style choice was the choice of the bride, so Pippa Middleton can't really be applauded for choosing to don this frock seen (and praised) around the globe.

However, the next day this much-watched royal insider wore an appealing Madalu purse that was her pick and that had her stamp of approval so much so that she carried it within plain view of the photographers milling around the sister of the Princess of Cambridge while she was out and about in London.

And now that very handbag--initially called the Bristol and now called the Pippa--is a fashion accessory hit, becoming a viral sensation that makes the snazzy purse decked out in gold-colored zippers a must-have for serious sartorial subjects on both sides of the Pond.

Sadly, the gray (or shark, as it is known by the maker) Modalu has sold out. Simply everyone who ever had a crush on a handbag had to have one and so poof, these luxury items (priced at around $225) were swept off the shelves and the auction sites in a hurry.

But no worries.

The company that makes this satchel of choice for the suddenly stylish Pippa Middleton is giving other worshippers of this particular fashion accessory a chance to pre-order one. In fact, Modalu is even promising to ship on June 22, 2011 should you put your claim and you cash in on time.

So, if you ant to emulate Pippa Middleton and her casual sense of style when it comes to handbags and such, be sure to take the time to sign up for the newly dubbed Pippa by Modalu. You'll be glad you did--and if you aren't, there's always eBay as a chance to recoup any losses found for those who simply don't take a liking to this very popular (and almost royal) catch all.


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Pippa modalu purse is like a senior citizens typical purse.

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