Prince Harry Travels to Belize, The Bahamas and Jamaica

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Prince Harry is getting around for the sake of the Diamond Jubilee these days. First stop on a week long romp on this side of the pond was the island nation of Belize where locals named a street in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry apparently enjoyed the process, downing rum and dancing in the streets, a common practice in this Caribbean outpost.

In this particular instance, more revelry took place during a good, old school block party in Belmopan and in which Harry's grandmother's 60th anniversary as Queen was celebrated. Besides the hard stuff, there was also a bounty of local dishes on offer as well as a costume for the Prince. Masquerading King Creole, this fun-loving member of the monarch took a so-called walkabout as everyone present cheered at Prince William's younger brother.

While in Belize, Prince Harry also had time to check out the intriguing Mayan ruins of Xunantunich. This ancient city, dating back to AD 950-1000, is ripe with exotic temples and palaces. There are also an assortment of pyramids

In fact, during this second day of Harry's Jubilee visit, he climbed El Castillo in Benque Viejo del Carmen, the highest pyramid among them.
Garbed in a white polo shirt and a pair of shades, the Prince was treated to traditional deer dances while at the ruins while later on he stopped by an art school close to the Guatamalan border that is run by the Organization of American States.

Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America, so language wasn't a problem for Prince Harry as he reveled in honor of his grandmother in this tiny country that is part of the Commonweath.

Then, on Saturday, it was time for the prince to move on to The Bahamas. He arrived in full military uniform, which is know as the tropical dress of the blues and the royals. The outfit, with its white jacket, blue pants and red stripe was toped by a pale blue beret worn by the Army Air Corps. A gold sash and ceremonial sword completed the official look.

In Nassau, Prince Harry delivered a heartfelt speech peppered with a bit of humor, all in the name of the Queen and her Diamond Jubilee.

At one point, he said that The Bahamas is special to HRH, elaborating, "Her love for this realm and you, the Bahamian people, stretches back over the decades, right to her first visit in 1966."

Then Harry joked a bit. After commenting that he hopes this is the first of many trips to the Bahamas, the Prince remarked, "I'll certainly be showing off about it to my brother and sister-in-law when I return home."
Meanwhile, Harry spent 24 hours at this desirable destination made up of some 3,000 islands, cays and islets just north of Cuba and only 200 miles south of Florida.

On the agenda was a trip to the celebrated pink manse known as Government House where this royal met with the Governor General of the Bahamas and the Prime Minister. The landmark also happens to be where the Duke of Windsor served as Governor General during WWII.

A prayer service at Nassau's Christ Church Cathedral, an Anglican/Episcopal house of worship that dates back to 1861. There, a thanksgiving was offered to bless the Diamond Jubilee. Attending were many members of the local community, including Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas.

This chatty beauty queen said she attended the service "to fall in love with Prince Harry…he's hot!…so would I marry him? Yes."

Although no proposal was on offer, a visit with India Hicks, a local aristocrat, was on the boards. This lady was Harry's mother's friend and bridesmaid who now resides in the Bahamas.

But before that, a maritime exercise was planned on Windermere by the Royal Bahamian Air Force, a place Harry specifically asked to visit since this is where Charles and Diana enjoyed their so-called second honeymoon a year after they married.
Prince Harry is now about to leave for Jamaica and then he will move on to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, trading his Diamond Jubilee duties to launch a trade mission in this South American hot spot.

Meanwhile, for more on his adventures representing the Queen for the Jubilee, follow Prince Harry's week-long trip from Belize to the Bahamas to Jamaica to Brazil on the Royal Forums. This handy site will give all the details as Will's bro continues making his way through Jamaica and on to Rio where he is sure to have a number of seminal moments only travel is able to offer each and every sojourner, whether you are royal or not.

Image: Wikipedia, John Pannell

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