Prince Harry Travels: In Jamaica Wearing Blue Suede Shoes for Bob Marley

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Prince Harry continued on to Jamaica from The Bahamas, still in the swing of things as representative of The Queen for her Diamond Jubilee as he visits a trio of commonwealth nations.

And Harry was in the swing as far as cultural participation was concerned after traveling to this Caribbean hot spot. While in Kingston, the 27-year-old partying prince was in good form as he danced with local Chantol Dormer to the strains of Bob Marley's One Love.

While showing off his moves, this always out-for-a-good time bloke showed off his Russell and Bromley blue suede shoes. Well, actually, the pair are desert boots but since Harry's khacki's covered his ankles, all that showed was a blaze of blue that looked like typical footwear made famous by Elvis Presley.

As for Prince Harry's version, well they even have a name: Chuck.

The blue suede shoes are not yet available in stores as of yet, but will be in two weeks, according to the British press.

And the cost?

About $180, a mere pittance when it means you may be able to put them on and dance like Harry, look like Elvis, and boogie to the sweet sound of Jamaica's native son, Bob Marley.

Another stop on the Jamaica tour for the red-headed heir to the spare was Falmouth on the north coast town. He arrived via helicopter in which Harry was co-piloted and once there, was on show for all to see (including a gaggle of giggly girls) as he toured a pier where cruise ships dock. Then he went to Good Hope, an historic 18th century plantation house.

Meanwhile, when Harry first arrived in Jamaica, he was honored by a 21-gun salute courtesy the Jamaica Defense Force. He'll leave on Thursday out of Montego Bay.

That said, stay tuned for more of Prince Harry's travels as he continues on the Brazil from the colorful Caribbean island of Jamaica. Meanwhile, catch up with the Diamond Jubilee trip here in our story on this young royals' latest adventures.

Image: Wikipedia, John Pannell

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