Sarah and Todd Palin: Getting Divorced?

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At this stage, it's rumor that Sarah and Todd Palin are getting divorced.

Consider the original source. The National Enquirer is reporting that Todd Palin is preparing to file a dissolution of marriage from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. While this may or may not be true (the answer will likely come out at some point from more conventional media sources), a lot of factors point to this possibility being correct.

For starters, Levi Johnston and his new tell-all called Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs , and released September 20, has led to small screen interviews where the father of Sarah and Todd Palin's daughter Bristol's son says that his would-be in-laws don't even sleep together. In essence, he contends that the Palin marriage is a sham.

Then there's the new The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin book where the author lived next to the Palin family while writing his version of their story in Wasilla, Alaska. This Joe McGinniss missive isn't exactly flattering when talking to Todd and Sarah's love life. Not only that, but the book does talk to Sarah's hook-up with NBA champion Glen Rice, but that allegedly happened before she was married to Todd.

The journalist who penned the new unauthorized biography also suggests that Trig Palin is not Sarah and Todd's son, but rather Bristol's baby. Another negative perception by McGinniss is that Sarah has been a user of both cocaine and marijuana, although Levi Johnston said on national TV that he never saw any evidence of that when he visited the Palin home during his courtship with Bristol.

Still, some allegations made by McGinniss were not for Levi to discern, like the one where she may have had an affair with Brad Hanson, who happened to be Todd Palin's business partner. While the affair allegedly ended, so did the working relationship between Brad and Todd.

Add to this rumor the rumor that Todd Palin is well and truly done with all the malarkey swirling around the blogosphere about his personal business. Indeed, this spouse may be wanting to get on with his life without Sarah. Yes, the husband in the Palin marriage is apparently said to be through with all the scandal.

In particular, Todd is reportedly thwarted by a statement allegedly made to Joe McGinniss by Sarah's sibling Chuck Heath Jr., in which her brother said that Sarah and Todd "don't have a marriage."

In response, reportedly on his Facebook page, Todd Palin called McGinniss' harsh look at the Tea Party princess a “creepy obsession” with Sarah. Allegedly on the social media outlet, Todd says Joe "traffics in innuendo and falsehoods."

As for the state of political affairs regarding Ms. Palin now that the Joe McGinniss and Levi Johnston books are out and now that the picture is not pretty as painted by this probing journalist and this naysaying critic, Sarah's advisors are said to have told her, in essence, that a bid for the White House tantamount to taking a dive off a huge cliff without a net. In other words, as expressed through a National Enquirer source, throwing her hat in the ring would "political suicide."

So, with all this drama swirling, the new news that Todd Palin is "fed up" and ready to get out of his 23-year marriage is just rumor at this point. No apparent papers have been filed, at least not yet, but Sarah and Todd Palin could, indeed, be getting divorced. Only time -- and some court evidence -- will tell.

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