Six New Dog Breeds Bid for Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show

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Half a dozen new dog breeds will debut at the Westminster Kennel Club annual show at Madison Square Garden next month. Vying for the 2012 win are canines who originally hail from all over the world.

On hand in New York City on February 13 and 14, the fresh contestants will include representative of the Norwegian Lundehund (from Norway), the American English Coonhound (from Virginia and England), the Cesky terrier (from Scotland and other European countries), the Entlebucher Mountain Dog (from Switzerland). the Finnish Lapphund (from northern Scandinavia), the Xoloitzcuintli (from Mexico).

The latter new entrant was originally called the Mexican hairless and is the national dog for the country south of the border. This breed comes in three different sizes -- toy, miniature, and standard, and also boasts a variety that sports a coat. The Xoloitzcuintii is know to be an intelligent breed and is easy to train. Many owners do not show this sweet canine but rather keep him or her as a pet.

Also in line for best of show, the American English Coonhound hails back to days when this hound was a hunter of raccoons and fox. Owners spend plenty of time exercising this breed which proves fruitful for what the Westminster Kennel Club calls "a strong and graceful athlete." The American English Coonhound comes in all kinds of colors, including black and white ticked, red and white ticked, tri-colored with ticking, white and black, and red and white.

As for the Cesky Terrier, this dog comes in hues of gray, from charcoal to platinum. Loyal to their owners, the breed is known to be a bit stand offish with unfamiliar humans. The graceful Cesky is a hunting terrier and has a long body that is known to be lean when in ideal condition.

In addition, with regard to the inclusion at Westminster of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, this herder is said to be the smallest of four Swiss breeds with a tri-colored coat and symmetrical markings. Easy to train, this dog is definitely man's (and woman's) best friend as his or her master possesses a tight bond.

Also from Europe, the Finnish Lapphund from northern Scandinavia is a reindeer herder heralding back to native tribes from this area of the world. Known to be very friendly and extremely intelligent, this breed loves to learn. Owners enjoy the look of the Finnish Lapphund which often makes your heart melt simply by looking into his or her eyes.

The Norwegian Lundehund, also from Scandinavia, is also known as the Puffin Dog for its capacity to retrieve puffin birds in arctic Norway. Known to stay on task when asked, this breed is very flexible, has a double coat, and no longer chases the birds they once did as the puffin is now protected. Instead, these dogs make a great pet, if not always predictable due to the canine's so-called mischievous nature.

And so, as these six new dog breeds bid for the Westminster Kennel Club Show win in 2012, whether any one of these entries will succeed will not be known until next month. For further information on this highly anticipated event, check the official web site at All dog lovers' eyes will be on the newbees. each in all his or her glory, and who may or may not remain victorious.

Image: Westminster Kennel Club

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