Vince Neil is banned by Palms Hotel in Las Vegas: Twitter war ensues with Motley Crue rocker

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Apparently, after Vince Neil was banned from the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, he still continues to travel. After participating in the Twitter war with the Sin City retreat, the Motley Crue rocker tweeted, "Off to lauderdale for some fun in the sun!"

While Neil is set for some fun in Florida, he leaves behind a lot of resentment toward the aforementioned Las Vegas property, telling all of his 165,908 Twitter followers, "Do [sic] to recent events, including distrust and dishonesty at the executive level. I will never again step foot @palms property.”

He had been taking time out to diss the very popular upscale hotel a lot during the past week, saying things like "I love Vegas, but do not go to Little Buddha @palms in Vegas!! OMG rudest staff ever. Don’t go!!”

Neil received a bunch of Twitter responses from The Palms Tuesday, tweeting through @Palms: Mr. Neil has recently made negative comments about Palms on Twitter, however, he fails to mention his own actions."

Another tweet from the establishment, "@Palms: As a result of Mr. Neil’s inappropriate behavior, he was asked to leave a restaurant at Palms."

Another twitter comment from @Palms declared,  "Mr. Neil has also since called Palms personnel threatening negative publicity" and still another said, "While we believe this is unfortunate, and would prefer that Mr. Neil put his efforts toward apologizing for his conduct."

Then The Palms defended themselves, saying, "We at Palms take customer service very seriously, but we also take the well being of our team members just as seriously."

The hotel casino also said, "We cannot and will not allow our guests, no matter who they are, to mistreat our team members."

Finally, The Palms declared on the micro-blogging site, "As a result of his actions, Mr. Neil is no longer welcome at Palms.

At that point, Vince Neil had his ire up, writing again on Twitter to say, “It’s funny how I’m banned from the @palms after I said I don’t want to go there anymore!!”

To make matters worse for the upscale Las Vegas hotel, Vince Neil fans are also weighing in on the situation.

For instance, Laura Phizacklea told Neil on Twitter, "@Palms really want to hang their heads in shame! Why on earth do they feel the need to attack a customer on Twitter? #noneed"

At that, Vince retweeted Laura's tweet as well as a host of others. So, as Neil is on the outs with The Palms in Las Vegas, a thriving city where the veteran singer recently debuted a strip club. he is off to Ft. Lauderdale. Will he get in trouble there? Stay tuned.

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