Who Was Voted Off American Idol on March 29, 2012 After Nicki Minaj Sang? (video)

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Who was voted off American Idol on results night for March 29, 2012? Well, that's the question most AI fans have been wondering since voting on Wednesday night for one of the final 9. And now the time has come (yes, that's a spoiler alert).

The show started off with a long look at gorgeous Eric Benet in the audience, there to applaud DeAndre Brackensick, who sang his song the night before. What a great moment for a kid who has his music idol there to watch his show. Talk about a turn about.

The Ford commercial follows, with the American Idol 9 singing 'I Want To Rock'--and they do, until the end of the TV talent show. They all are, as Randy Jackson likes to say, "In it to win it." They are also in Hollywood enjoying their own private mansion, which is shown in great detail and which is sure to spoil this group of aspiring artists.

Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips, and Hollie Cavanagh are called to center stage at that point when Hollie is informed she is in the bottom 3 and when Phillip and Elise get to move on for another week.

At that point, the often outrageous Nicki Minaj performs Starships to mighty cheers while the other AI contestants who are left wait in the wings, biting their nails until each has his or her fate cast. It isn't a long wait, though, because after Nicki finishes, Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han are told where they stand. Heejun is the only one of the trio that is part of the bottom three.

Then, the return of last year's American Idol: Scotty McCreery. He's still the same, a hunk of low-key singing love, there to entertain and to gain a platinum album, framed and presented as a surprise by Jimmy Iovine.

The joy is short lived as Skylar Laine, DeAndre Brackensick, and Jessica Sanchez represent, ready to learn what happens to each of these crooners. Skylar ends up going to the bottom three while DeAndre and Jessica go to safety for another week of American Idol as two of the top 8.

Happily for Skylar, she doesn't stick around long in AI limbo land, and is unleashed to go join the others in the safety zone. So, it's down to two potential losers, and that loser is Heejan.

To sing for his life after being voted off American Idol on March 29, 2012, Han sings Donny Hathaway again like he did the night before. And no, this isn't enough of a performance to have any of the three judges--Jennifer Lopez, Stephen Tyler or Randy Jackson--save him. Although this Korean American is a likable talent, he is not the American Idol but he is on the American Idol tour. So, there's something to be thankful for, right Heejan? Right!

On to the final 8 next week on American Idol so stay tuned to see who is voted off this popular TV talent show next.

Image: American Idol title card, courtesy FOX

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