Christian Right: Do Democrats Really Understanding Christian Values.

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Some would like to see Christians as weak and without values. Churches always supported charity and were open to the rest of the world, but do not expect Christians to evolve into faceless "social club"

This article is written as a response to Jim Wallace, who recently wrote article on Time and CNN website "The Religious Right's Era Is Over". Jim says that traveling all around country people cheering "The monologue of the Religious Right is over, and a new dialogue has now begun."

Jim Is your country include more than SF liberal belt? I agree that liberal democratic activists would play such slogan with pleasure. More than that recent scandal with presidential candidate John Edwards clearly shows that Democratic party and Christianity two different things. Jim what about recent Democratic elected representatives, was DNC making effort to recruit "new evangelicals" and you saying that strong Christian values do not matter anymore.

Just for your records Christian churches were always supporting needy and poor and were doing it better than anyone else. Politicians did not originate charity and Al Gore did not invent soup kitchens. I suggest you pick one of the history books on Salvation Army to refresh your memory on history of Christian charity.

As far as left, I should note that Left will never get it and the San-Francisco Liberal will feel uneasy in majority of Evangelical churches. The "Purpose Driven guy" who invited Obama to speak in his church did not accomplish much but irritate rest of evangelicals.

Taking in consideration that majority of democratic representatives vote against family issues but for "social agenda", vote against pro-life but for the animal rights, vote against small businesses and for tax increase on businesses. We all can see voting records and check voting patterns against empty promises.

And last but very important. Most of evangelicals are real patriots, who support troops and would like to see our troops come back home with victory. Every church has pictures of solders in Iraq, supporting and praying for family and for troops safe return.

But see it is real different from what current Democrats are doing. They want to cut funding, stop supplying army and in fact slap Bush for the war.

If you remember Vietnam war was lost on the Senate floor. US troops could finish their job if politicians did not play political "ping-pong". As a result Vietnam was turned into Communist state.

Democrats are playing very dangerous game "I was for the war before I was against it" and I hope evangelicals will see the difference in DNC promises and reality and flush the water in the next congressional elections.

Vladimir Dubchak

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