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Changing Ideals At Netherlands Architecture Institute

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Architects consider the house the best place to test and demonstrate new concepts. Some even go so far as to claim that the history of modern architecture coincides with the search for the ideal house, which is why the house is sometimes called the ultimate paradigm of modern architecture.

As conditions vary, this notion appears to give rise to completely different designs. To study this changing ideal, ‘Changing Ideals: Re-thinking the House’ juxtaposes highly divergent housing concepts, ranging from the Domus Cosmographica of the Mauritshuis to the television culture of the Big Brother house.

In 2008, the NAI Maastricht is sketching longer lines on the interface of architecture and design, centred on the theme of the interior. The third exhibition, running through 29 March 2009, of this year focuses on the ideal house. Curated by Dirk van den Heuvel of TU Delft (University of Technology), ‘Changing Ideals: Rethinking the House’ is a joint effort of NAI M, Vesteda and TU Delft.

‘Changing Ideals’ consists of two parts: the different housing concepts are presented in the Kolommenzaal (Column Hall) under the title Le Salon Imaginair. The selection combines historical examples with contemporary designs, and avant-garde experiment with mainstream production. The Bogenzaal (Arched Gallery) showcases work by Jurgen Bey and Rianne Makkink under the title Living with Things. This installation highlights new concepts in the areas of architecture and design in a particularly poetic fashion.

Various ‘salons’ – meetings between designers, critics and experts in the area of dwelling – will be organised to explore in greater depth the various themes and questions relating to the exhibition. In the spring of 2009, a conference will be held as part of the exhibition. This is to be organised in association with the Council for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment to mark the forthcoming publication of the council’s advice on new forms of housing. Further information on these elements of the programme will follow. --

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