Gavin Rossdale Performs At McCallum Theatre

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Gavin Rossdale is a man of many talents. With unmistakable, distinctive vocals and an incredible lyrical genius, Gavin stepped into the international music spotlight with his band Bush.

Born in London, Gavin not only learned to play guitar, but also played semi-professional football and tennis. In 1991, he moved to the United States and took whatever jobs he could find, including production assistant on video shoots. In 1992, he returned to England where his career took off when he met King Blank guitarist Nigel Pulsford. The two began recording demos with bassist Dave Parsons and drummer Robin Goodridge.

Naming themselves after the Shepherd's Bush area of London, Gavin took the lead singer role in Bush and their debut album, Sixteen Stone, was a huge success. Released in 1994, the album included the hit singles "Everything Zen," "Glycerine," and "Comedown" and went on to sell more than 6 million copies in the U.S. alone. Bush quickly went from playing pubs in London to headlining in arenas in the U.S. Bush found continued success with their albums Razorblade Suitcase (1996)which debuted at #1, Deconstructed (1997), The Science of Things (1999) and Golden State (2001). Bush then went on an indefinite hiatus from touring and recording.

In between writing and recording - including guest appearances for Blue Man Group's "The Current" and DT8, and the solo track "Adrenaline" on the XXX soundtrack - Gavin ventured into film, with major roles in the 2005 features Constantine and The Game of Their Lives. He returned to music in 2005 with a new band, Institute, with their debut album, Distort Yourself, finding success. The band toured extensively, including two stints opening for U2.

In 2008, Gavin released his first solo album, Wanderlust, which included the hits "Love Remains The Same" and "Forever May You Run." The record marked a new chapter in his musical career and featured some of his most personal and powerful songs to date.

Gavin and his wife, singer Gwen Stefani, divide their time between homes in London and Los Angeles. Gavin is also an avid tennis player, including matches on the celebrity tennis circuit.

Gavin Rossdale appears at McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, on Saturday, September 19, at 8:00pm. --

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