Brandon Jacobs receives $3.36 from six-year-old Giants fan

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One young New York Giants fan was told that a lack of money caused Brandon Jacobs to bolt from the Big Apple to San Francisco. So he emptied his piggy bank.

Jacobs, the physical running back who was a member of two Giants Super Bowl winning teams, was nearly moved to tears this week upon receiving a letter from six-year-old Joseph Armento.

Joseph, with the help of his mother, Julie, typed out a letter to Jacobs and sent it off to San Francisco, where Jacobs is practicing with his new team, the 49ers.

"I hope this letter finds you well," the letter said. "Congratulations on the Superbowl win! Our family will miss you next year, but we wish you all the very best in San Francisco."

Jacobs posted the letter to his Twitter account Tuesday. But the kind words were not all that the running back received from Joseph.

Upon learning from his mother that the Giants simply didn't have enough money to keep Jacobs and fellow Giant-turned-49er Mario Manningham, Joseph collected all the money in his piggy bank and sent it off to Jacobs. In a picture Jacobs posted to Twitter, the letter and the money, a total of $3.36, can be seen.

Jacobs immediately responded on Twitter, expressing his heartfelt appreciation for the gesture.

"I almost cried, I am still trying to hold it in. I may have to pay him a surprise visit," Jacobs tweeted.

In a later Tweet, Jacobs said that the next time he is on the East Coast, he hopes to take his five-year-old son and his new biggest fan Joseph to a Chuck E. Cheese's for a day of fun.

"I want to do good and go out there and do the best I can for little Joe," Jacobs told the Sacramento Bee after the 49ers practice Thursday. "After thinking about it since it happened, I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life."

Jacobs left the Giants this offseason after spending all seven of his NFL seasons with the club. New York declined to pay the $4.4 million the running back was owed, as Jacobs' effectiveness as a ball-carrier has been limited in recent seasons. After his release, Jacobs signed a one-year, $2 million deal with the 49ers. He will compete with Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, Anthony Dixon and rookie LaMichael James for playing time in the 49ers crowded backfield.

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