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Grow a mustache and boost the economy, group says [VIDEO]

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The American Mustache Institute (AMI) thinks those sporting facial hair deserve a tax break, and the group is ready to take their fight to Capitol Hill.

The AMI is planning to hold a "Million Mustache March" in April. Members of the group plan to gather in Washington D.C. in hopes of getting an interesting piece of legislature passed.

According to studies conducted by the AMI, Americans who feature mustaches earn 4.3 percent more money annually than their clean-shaven counterparts. In the AMI's estimation, this discrepancy is the result of having facial hair and nothing else.

As a result of this, the AMI has concocted the STACHE Act, which stands for the Stimulus to Allow Critical Hair Expenses. Because, in the AMI's estimation, those who grow mustaches earn more money and thus contribute more to a positive economy, the AMI is claiming that lawmakers should provide an incentive to those who make the commitment to grow facial hair on their upper lips.

Pro-mustache lobbyists want a $250 tax deduction for those who grow some whiskers. According to the AMI, the $250 would go toward covering all the essentials of a proper mustache. This includes trimming instruments, conditioners and wax, coloring products, combs and mirrors.

Before people write off the organization as a joke, the AMI has attached a charitable benefit to the march. Mustache supporters have teamed with H&R Block, which has agreed to make a donation to the charity Millions From One for every person that participates in the "Million Mustache March." Millions From One provides clean drinking water to those in need.

While the event seems geared toward men, fear not, women. Females unable to sprout facial fuzz can participate through Facebook. The AMI website allows men and women to digitally add a mustache to any photo they have on the social network as a way to show support for the petition. Participants can RSVP to the rally via a Facebook event page. As of Monday evening, the group had 37 confirmed attendees.

According to the AMI website, the institute has over 600 chapters and approximately 10,000 members. Their goal is to battle the "negative stereotypes and discrimination against the Mustached American race." The AMI is based in St. Louis because, as they say, the city is home to the world's largest mustache, the Gateway Arch.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Video Source: AMI

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