James Bond's beer of choice: Heineken

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Daniel Craig is set to return to the big screen as James Bond in October. Before that, '007' will show the world his beer preference.

The producers of James Bond and Heineken, the Dutch beer maker, have agreed to come together on a new advertising campaign. Starting in September, Daniel Craig will appear in a commercial that serves as joint advertising for the new Bond movie and Heineken beer.

"Skyfall," the 23rd installment in the James Bond series, is set to hit theaters on Oct. 26. It will be Craig's third movie portraying Bond after he starred in "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace."

While Heineken has actually held a partnership with the Bond series for close to 15 years, this will be the first time a Bond lead actor will appear in a commercial for the beverage. No details were released regarding the nature of the advertisement, but one can assume it will be full of action and intrigue. The commercial will air in 170 countries worldwide.

"When two great brands like Heineken and James Bond join together, excitement is guaranteed. We are proud of our long standing partnership," said Alexis Nasard, Heineken's chief commercial officer.

The commercial will create a strong segue to the new movie. "Skyfall," which is directed by Sam Mendes, features a star-studded cast including Craig, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes. Javier Bardem will serve as the film's villain, while Naomie Harris, who appeared in the second and third installments of the "Pirates of the Carribean" series, will fill the glamorous role as the film's "Bond girl."

According to a press release, M, played by Dench, will have events in her past brought to the foreground. This will test her relationship with Bond, who then must locate a threat to MI6 and remove it at all costs. Further details have remained hidden, adding to the mystique of the series.

The appearances in the Heineken commercial and "Skyfall" will not be Craig's last as James Bond. HULIQ reported in December that Craig is slated to do a total of eight Bond movies, meaning that after "Skyfall," he has five more films planned.

Including "Skyfall," Heineken has been partnered with the Bond series for six movies dating back to the 1997 film "Tomorrow Never Dies" starring Pierce Brosnan.

The James Bond series of films began in 1962 with "Dr. No" featuring Sean Connery as Bond. This means "Skyfall" will be released on the 50th anniversary of that first installment.

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