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Man implants magnets in wrist to hold iPod [VIDEO]

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Some people just cannot leave home without their iPod. One New Jersey man has made sure that is never a problem.

Dave Hurban, a tattoo artist and lover of body piercings, has come up with a clever -- some might say bizarre -- way to make sure he always has access to his iPod Nano.

Hurban recently conducted a surgery of sorts. The eccentric artist implanted four small magnets into his left wrist, ensuring that his small iPod Nano will cling to his body. The process, which was completed at Dynasty Tattoo in New Jersey, was filmed and posted on YouTube. The two-minute long clip can be viewed below.

In the video, Hurban can be seen prepping the area around his wrist for the procedure. Four small incisions are made, and the tiny magnets are screwed into place. Hurban conducts the entire operation himself. Upon completion, Hurban shows off his new fashion statement, attaching the iPod Nano and scrolling through its features as it rests on his wrist.

Hurban calls the video iDermal. Those squeamish should be warned that the video does contain some bloodshed.

As of Saturday, the video, which was posted on April 29, had been viewed by more than 556,000 people. While more than 1,600 viewers "liked" the video, it also received more than 890 "dislikes." Comments on the video range from supportive - "It's his body, he can do what he likes with it. He did it with´╗┐ clinical precision and It looks good" -- to critical -- "I can't believe it, stupidity has reached it's maximum height."

According to, Hurban has already used the technology at the gym, running and working out while the iPod Nano stayed fastened to his arm thanks to the powerful magnets. Of course, the move is not completely wireless -- Hurban would still need to connect headphones in order to listen to his tunes.

A new iPod Nano, which retails for $129-149, measures 1.48 inches tall by 1.61 inches wide, giving it the appearance of a common wrist watch when placed on Hurban's wrist. It also weighs less than an ounce, making it hardly noticeable for Hurban.

A 16GB Nano holds about 4,000 songs. No word on what Hurban will do if he has to upgrade to the larger iPod Classic to store more music.

Watch Hurban's magnetic-implant surgery below. What are your thoughts on Hurban's new Nano setup?

Video Source: YouTube (dhurbb)
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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