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Injured model Lauren Scruggs, first appearance after accident [VIDEO]

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For the first time since a horrific accident left her seriously injured, Lauren Scruggs was photographed outside of a Dallas rehabilitation center.

Scruggs, the 23-year-old model and fashion editor, appears to be in relatively good condition following a harrowing ordeal in December.

On Dec. 3, Scruggs was exiting a small plane in McKinney, Texas, when she walked into one of the airplane's propellers. The left side of her body suffered devastating injuries, and after being taken to nearby Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Scruggs had to have her left hand and left eye removed.

On Tuesday, Scruggs was videotaped while walking outside of the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas. She appears in a Dallas Cowboys baseball cap with a dark blue overcoat and Nike athletic shoes. The visible signs of injury include a patch over her left eye and an empty left sleeve. But in the footage, Scruggs shows no limp and even cracks a smile in one shot.

Scruggs is shown at the rehab center with her family -- parents Cheryl and Jeff, and Brittany, her twin sister.

While a lot of the aftermath of the accident focused on how the accident occurred, Scruggs has slowly but surely shown improvement in her recovery. Last week, her mother, who has been blogging on throughout the ordeal, revealed that the family had met with a prosthetic expert.

"Today was a bit draining, as we had our first meeting with the prosthetic arm people," Cheryl wrote. "Different emotions, during the 3 1/2 hour meeting, enveloped each of us, at different times, during the meeting.....anger, hope, disbelief, encouragement, discouragement, sadness. We all came out speechless and exhausted, but also a bit encouraged and hopeful."

Cheryl Scruggs posted again Wednesday, sounding helpless as she helps her daughter get back to good health.

"I'm burdened for my sweet girl. It's hard to watch the reality face to face, even though we KNOW that God will never leave us or forsake us. We know all of the 'right answers.' But it doesn't change what happened, and it is just plain hard to watch Lo come to grips with the fact that she has lost her hand and lost her eye. It's hard to hear her tears. WE don't even know exactly what she is going through. We have our own pain, but not like hers."

Lauren Scruggs has continued tweeting during the recovery process. Her account, @laurenscruggs, has more than 4,500 followers, some of whom have been sending Scruggs prayers and words of encouragement.

Image Source: Twitter (@LaurenScruggs)

Video below.

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