Toddler rescued after getting stuck inside "claw" arcade game [VIDEO]

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Inside a claw arcade machine, you may find toys, stuffed animals or foam sports balls. In Kentucky, you may find crawling babies.

A two-year-old Lexington girl, attracted by all the goodies inside, climbed into a claw arcade game at her local laundromat Tuesday. Unfortunately, she was unable to get out, becoming trapped inside the small box while shocked customers looked on.

It may seem like a stressful situation, but initially, it wasn't for tiny Kaytlyn Campbell. The little girl was like a kid in a candy shop, according to witnesses, playing with all the toys and enjoying herself in the cramped play room.

When firefighters arrived and revved up the saw, Kaytlyn's fun came to an end. The loud noise startled the girl, causing her to cry and become distressed. Luckily, rescuers only needed about 10 to 12 seconds to create a large enough opening for Kaytlyn to be extracted from the machine.

The girl was rewarded with some stuffed animals from the claw machine. She apparently suffered no serious injuries.

Kaytlyn was at the laundromat with her grandmother, who evidently turned her back just long enough to lose track of the girl. Kaytlyn climbed in through an eight-inch opening where toys typically fall out -- if you're successful.

The entrapment comes just one week after a similar story in Australia. A three-year-old boy climbed in the claw box in an attempt to snag a plush SpongeBob SquarePants toy. The boy then served as Santa Claus, dropping out toys and games for the other children who had gathered around the claw machine. His mother chalked the event up to his "adventurous" nature and sense of humor.

The lure of the claw arcade game is hard for people of any age to ignore -- unless, of course, you have been burned countless times by the unrewarding clamps on the claw. Late or weak grabbing action makes winning a prize a tough proposition. But that doesn't stop customer after customer from trying his luck, lining up the claw just right and dropping the contraption down into the toys pile just before the time expires.

Apparently, little Kaytlyn found a way to beat the system. And it didn't even cost her two quarters.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Video Source: ABC News


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We all know the grandmother was not watching this child. If she was the little girl wouldnt have time to get in there. A baby should be watched at all time in public places.

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