Is Chef Mario Batali shifting focus from Italiano to Americano?

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Chef Mario Batali kicked off summer with a Las Vegas Carnevale celebration and announced a new American food venture. Is he moving from his beloved Italy?

Ordinarily colorful, Chef Mario Batali kicked off summer this week in an outrageous riot of color. Chef Batali arrived on the red carpet in orange Crocs, and cut a purple ribbon to signify the official launch of Carnevale. On June 1, The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas began Carnevale, a summer-long event that celebrates the festivals of Italy. Guests who visit The Venetian and The Palazzo throughout the summer have the chance to partake in a number of events that celebrate Italian food, art, and music.

The event also provided a platform for Batali to announce his fourth Las Vegas restaurant, the B&B Burger and Beer. Later this year, Batali, and restaurant partner Joe Bastianich, will open B&B Burger & Beer. The decidedly non-Italian restaurant is a new venture for Batali, but it still has a ties to his Italian restaurants. According to an interview in Las Vegas Weekly, the high-quality beef trim, from his Italian steakhouse at the Palazzo called Carnevino, will be the source for the burger meat.

The Carnevale kick-off coincided with Mario Batali's Taste of Italy, an event where guests were able to mingle with the celebrity chef, and sample treats from Batali's restaurants -- Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Carnevino, and B&B Ristorante at The Venetian and The Palazzo.