Eight out of ten of your neighbors are buying organic food. Are you?

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Nearly half of organic shoppers say they buy organic food because it’s healthier. Do you agree? We share some favorite organic brands. What are yours?

American shoppers are going organic. Shoppers are buying certified organic food more and more often. Some want to avoid pesticides, others think it’s healthier and still others want to avoid genetically modified foods. According to a new study by the Organic Trade Association, 81% of US families buy organic food.

“More and more parents choose organic foods primarily because of their desire to provide healthful options for their children,” said Christine Bushway, OTA’s CEO and Executive Director.

The 2013 study, US Families’ Organic Attitudes and Belief’s Study, cited produce as the most popular category, with 97% saying they purchased organic fruits and vegetables. As many as 85% said they bought breads and grains, dairy and packaged foods.

What motivates people to buy organic food:

48% buy organic because “they are heathier for me and my children.”
30% want to avoid persistent pesticides and fertilizers
29% want to avoid growth hormones used in agriculture
22% want to avoid genetically modified foods

Favorite Organic Food Brands

What foods do you buy with the organic seal? Here is a list of some new brands you may not know about.

1. Numi Savory Tea. For those times when you want just a little something savory, these teas hit the spot. Numi Savory teas are like a garden in a cup with flavors like tomato, mint; carrot curry, broccoli cilantro and fennel spice.

2. Don’t Go Nuts. If your child has a nut allergy finding safe products can be difficult. Don’t Go Nuts products are allergen free from “field to fingers.” And, best yet, teenager Lily Pinto (the inspiration for the company) oversees the new products developed by her parent’s company, Don’t Go Nuts. You will find it hard to resist their soy nut butter organic chocolate spread. Other products include cinnamon sugar, slightly sweet and pure unsalted.

3. CocoaWell Supplement Bars. It is great day when you can get healthy nutrients in a chocolate bar. Finally a chocolate company has stepped over the bar by creating a high cocoa, low sugar bar. CocoaWell’s chocolate bars even have the added benefit of extra flavanols or Oemga-3s for heart health, as well as an adaptogenic herb for stress or resveratrol for healthy aging.

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