Limited Sweets and No Caffeine for Kate Middleton During Pregnancy

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The Duchess of Cambridge has always eaten fairly healthy, but she tweaked her diet and other habits to be even healthier during her pregnancy.

The world has followed Kate Middleton's pregnancy from the beginning. With only weeks before the baby is due, the Duchess of Cambridge stays committed to staying healthy through the entire 9 months. The 31-year-old mum-to-be did have a tough first trimester when she was hospitalized with extreme morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. This condition is thought to be hormone related with a slightly higher rate of female births among women who suffer from it. This has contributed to speculation that a little princess is on the way.

Moderate Sweets to Satisfy Cravings
Early in her pregnancy friends told Us Weekly that Middleton was craving sweets. The fact is Kate is known for her sweet tooth. During the early stages of pregnancy, she was reportedly reaching for things like chocolate, cake, and biscuits (cookies). However, she wasn't stuffing herself with these treats, but would pick something up when she'd sneak off to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. Her diet philosophy has always been to allow your body to have something it craves but in moderation.

No Caffeine
Even though she loves her coffee she has given up her favorite form of caffeine and made the switch to decaf during her pregnancy. Numerous studies show caffeine is not good for a developing fetus. It crosses the placenta to the baby who cannot fully metabolize the caffeine.

Low Cardio Workouts
Exercise has been a regular part of Middleton's healthy lifestyle. Before her pregnancy she preferred outdoor cardio workouts like running, hiking, and rowing. Since her pregnancy, she has toned down her workouts but still enjoys the fresh air with low-impact activities like long walks with her dog Lupo, swimming, and prenatal yoga.

Lean Meats and Plenty of Vegetables
Hollywood Life reports that her diet overall is as healthy and fresh as possible. She enjoys meals of codfish, chicken, or turkey. She snacks on dried fruits and nuts which was among her favorites even before she learned she was having a baby. In general, Middleton's pre-pregnancy diet consisted of a fresh serving of lean meat, a sea-food, and plenty of vegetables. The UK's Marie Claire reports that spicy Indian vegetable curry, cooked by friends in her hometown of Bucklebury, Berkshire, is one of her current favorites.

No More Spray Tans
Kate Middleton's quest for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby go beyond exercise and eating a healthy diet. She has also give up spray tanning. Before her pregnancy, she used to have a beautician come to Kensington Palace to apply St. Tropez tanner before attending an event. She stopped the tanning during her first trimester. Dangers of spray tan fumes are being studied to see if there is a danger to pregnant women, but the Duchess decided not to take any chances.

Natural Birth
At the birth of the royal heir looms near, speculation on the birthing method of choice is running rampant. Some sources say the Duchess is also considering hypno-birthing, a method that is said to make labor shorter and less painful because it decreases anxiety. Others suggest Middleton will give birth using a birthing pool at St. Mary Hospital in Paddington. Most sources agree she plans on a natural birth.

Middleton made her last solo appearance on June 13 and is now on "maternity leave" from public events. The rumor mill thinks July 13 is the due date, but only time will confirm or deny that speculation.

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