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Thousands of Books for 2 Bucks Only at $2 Buck Books

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Avid readers should check out $2 Buck Books, a used book store in Denver, Colorado where paperbacks can be purchased for $2; hardbacks for $4; a large selection of well-read books for $1 and even a large number of romance novels for just two bits each.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Located in the King Soopers parking lot at Monaco & Leetsdale, $2 Buck Books has over 4000 square feet of books by authors from Asimov to Zig Ziglar in every imaginable genre. Not only does it have a vast selection of non-fiction books, it also has an entire wall of Children’s & Young Adult books. Its children and young adult books range in cost from twenty-five cents to four bucks.

$2 Buck Books also has a small selection of new books available at a discount over retail prices. These include books such as Dean Koontz’s Deeply Odd for just $8.46, Weather for Dummies for $5.85, Funnybone Books: Fractions Practice Puzzles (Grades 4 – 6) for $5.42 and Chocolat: Extraordinary Chocolate Desserts for $11.24.

Where does $2 Buck Books get all its books. When asked, a representative of the company simply said, “People like you.”

No, $2 Buck Books does not buy books for cash, but it does accept any and all books for trade. It will offer you up to 20 cents per book (less for VHS, Harlequin romances and children’s books) in trade and will accept most anything. If you happen to live close to the store (850 South Monaco Parkway, Denver, Colorado) that would be equivalent to 10% of the cost of any used book you might select in trade; however, shipping books to the company for that rate of trade would actually cost you money.

Many readers may want to use the services of $2 Buck Books but know it is unlikely they will ever go to Denver to peruse its shelves. That is where its Amazon Marketplace storefront comes in. If you are interested in international or expedited shipping, the company recommends you visit its online stores at Alibris or Abebooks – each of which have the same selection with more options.

When making your order, you will place it through the Shopping Cart or 1-Click and it will be protected by the A-to-z Safe Buying Guide. will automatically transfer your payment to the merchant so you will never pay a merchant directly. This allows’s A-to-z Safe Buying Guide to cover both the delivery of your item as well as its condition upon your receipt of it.

A recent customer commented, “Pleased to find a copy of this book which has been out of print for over 60 years.”

$2 Buck Books could be just the place to go to find that book you’ve been looking for and have all but given up the search. As a used book, getting it will cost you a maximum of $4 (if hardcover) plus the cost of shipping, plus the time needed to enter a search on the $2 Buck Books website.