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Use BookSaleFinder to Locate Great Book Sales in Your Area

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Book Sale Finder Discounts

If the rising cost of books prevents you from purchasing as many titles as you would like, could possible resolve the issue for you.

How exactly does work? First, it provides a map of the United States from which the consumer can select the state where she desires to find books. This allows you to not only find sales close to your residence as well as go to book sales while traveling, whether for business or pleasure.

Who runs these book sales across the country? Most that are listed are run by non-profit organizations. The majority are sponsored by “Friends of the Library” volunteer groups who hold the sales to raise money to fund cultural events or to purchase new books for the library. Other non-profit organizations run bookstores or sponsor regular sales for general fundraising.

How do these organizations interact with The site has a process which must be followed in order for a book sale to be listed. Non-profit charitable organizations are not charged to have their traditional used books sales or book stores on their web page. They allow book fair organizers and for-profit dealers to advertise their sales as well; however they are charged a fee in order to do so.

Where do these organizations get the books they sell? For the most part, the books are donated to them by readers who no longer have need of them. Librarians will sometimes use these sales as a way in which to dispense of some older editions of reference books or other books, but the bulk of their books come from donations, too.

Sometimes the group running the sale has access to publishers’ overstocks or gallery proofs. Other times a person will bequeath books to a charitable organization so it can sell them for much needed funds.

Not only will you find books at these sales, you can often find National Geographic and other magazines, records, CDs and DVDs. Those who donate these items to non-profitable charitable organizations can receive a tax deduction, the non-profit gets extra funds, and you get great books and the other items listed at fantastic prices.

Most of these sales have paperbacks at 50¢ or $1, hardbacks sell for $1 - $2 and children’s books for even less. CDs and DVDs are often in the same price range. Where else could you get weeks and weeks of reading pleasure for $10 or less?

Better yet, the selection, at most sales, will be hundreds to thousands of books. About 75% of the selections will be hardbacks, with the rest being paperback. Usually the books are divided into categories, similar to a book store.

There are usually loads of non-fiction books that cover a large variety of subjects. Gardening, cooking and do-it-yourself books are just a few of the subjects covered.

You might want to take your own bags to these sales, especially if you are attending a multi-day sale. It is not unusual for the organizers to offer books for a few dollars per bag on the last day of the sale so they won’t have so many books to pack up and store until the next sale. The bags will also give you somewhere to keep the books you pick up as you browse all the selections.

You will also want to take a modicum of patience to the sale. Collectors and book scouts are normally in line a good while before the sale begins. The sales are normally staffed by volunteers and may not do things the way you expect them to. Just in case the volunteers forget to tell you, don’t forget to look under the tables where there are normally more books the organizers will use to replenish the original group.

These book sales are often held in conjunction with other events such as bake sales, garden sales, festivals, flea markets and hot air balloon shows. After purchasing your books, why not spend a little time checking any other events which may be ongoing.

Last but not least, will add you to their email list to alert you when one of these book sales is going to be held in your area – and that service is free. For those who love to read, it just doesn’t get much better than that.