Theatre Development Fund Presents Disney's TARZAN For Deaf Students

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Over 500 elementary and secondary school students who are deaf or hard of hearing from 19 schools in the tri-State region will have attended three Wednesday matinee performances of TARZAN® by the end of March. Two upcoming performances (March 7 and March 14) will be simultaneously sign language interpreted and open captioned by Theatre Development Fund, which is bringing the students to the theatre through their "Talking Hands" program.

The first "Talking Hands" performance of TARZAN® was this past Wednesday, February 28. By the time the students attend the performance, TDF will have sent a teaching artist to each class to provide a workshop in preparation for their theatre outing. "Talking Hands" is provided at no cost to the school or the students.

"We're thrilled to have begun our twelfth year of 'Talking Hands' with Disney's production of TARZAN®," said Lisa Carling, TDF's Director of Accessibility Programs. "For our first "Talking Hands" show in 1995, we brought 100 deaf and hard of hearing students to Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which provided a wonderful gateway to the theatre for these children for whom Broadway had, until then, been inaccessible. Since then we have been able to open up the world of theatre to 10,000 of these students with hearing loss."

"Disney is delighted to continue our education and outreach partnership with Theatre Development Fund", producer Thomas Schumacher said. "TDF's programs such as "Talking Hands" and "Open Doors" go hand-in-hand with Disney Theatrical Productions' desire to ensure that diverse audiences are able to experience our productions." --

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