Cold weather essentials up to 50% off at top retailers

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Winter discounts

Freezing winter temperatures do not have to impact your activity level nor does activity need to be restricted to the indoors. Just follow these simple tips to stay warm and keep active this winter. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sierra Trading post unveiled their respective 12 days of Christmas promotions on Sunday, so save on the gear you need to stay active in these chilly winter temperatures.

Layers are one of the most important ways to stay warm when the temperature plummets. Use multiple thin, warm layers rather than a few thick layers that may encumber movement. Thin layers will provide additional insulation and allows you to reduce and remove layers as the temperature increases.

Dress appropriately for the day’s activities. Dressing for an active day of snowboarding will be different than dressing for a sedentary day of ice fishing. No matter the activity the Pacific Trail Ultralight Polyfill Quilted Vest - Insulated (For Men and Women) Item #6143J, is a great additional warmth layer. The vest was available through Sierra Trading Post and at the time of writing was on SALE for $23.96, compare this price to the regular retail of $50.00, savings to 52%. The vest provides many of the key features needed for winter including, quilted synthetic insulation inside a wind- and water-resistant shell.

Buy or find a good pair of insulated boots. Ideally, the lining should be wool or synthetic--not cotton. Linings can be purchased separately if needed. You can purchase boots already with the lining, or use boots two sizes larger than usual, and use a lining. Hunters will love the styling and features of the Rocky Men's Lynx Classic Realtree AP Waterproof Field Boot available from Dick’s Sporting Goods which provide 400g of insulation, giving the wearer unmatched warmth all winter. (ITEM NUMBER: 28370206) Price: $139.99 is available for a limited time for $89.98 Online Only!! Discount Applied In Cart.

Wear winter specific socks. Warm winter socks are important in keeping warm dry feet. Wool is best, although good synthetic "fleece" socks are often quite good and readily available. You can layer socks, but be careful that your feet are comfortable and the circulation isn't shut down. Icebreaker Hike Socks - Merino Wool, Mid Crew (For Women, Item #3549W), available through Sierra Trading Post are now on SALE for $9.56, compare at $20.00 A savings of 52%. The merino wool provides soft, non-itch comfort, light weight warmth and natural resistance to odor.
Use a good quality coat. Generally speaking, the thicker the coat the better, whether it is a synthetic ski jacket, a wool pea coat, or a down jacket. Dick’s has the Columbia Men's Snowmelt Point Shell Jacket (ITEM NUMBER: 21618086) on special for a limited time for $79.98. The jacket normally retails for $160.00.

Wear a base layer. A "base layer" is long Johns, aka long underwear, or whatever can provide a warm, light base of your winter gear. Merino wool products are recognized as one of the best base layers available. Women may like the Terramar Grid Fleece Tights (Item #3648P) a special purchase at $22.36, Compare at $42.00 Save 46%. Available for a limited time at this price through Sierra Trading Post.
Hand warmers can be useful, especially if you don't have shelter handy. They can be purchased at any outdoor or hunting store. Never use these as a substitute for dressing warmly, however. Sierra Trading Post has hand and foot warmers on sale. Grabber Hand Warmer Heat Pack (Item #99027) at the time of writing was available for $1.00, while the Grabber Heat Pack Toe Warmer (Item #98769) is a great buy at the sale price of $1.40. The toe warmer is handy for spectators, hunters and hikers with heat that lasts approximately seven hours. Pricing is tiered, buy 1 - 5 pair for $1.75 each, 6-11 pair $1.55 each, or 12 pair for $1.35 each.

Don’t forget to wear gloves or mittens and a hat. Fingers and hands are very vulnerable to the cold, and frostbite so keep them covered. Also wear more than one layer on your legs. Outdoor activities require additional layers on the legs as well, wear a base layer like long underwear and a waterproof outer layer, like snowboarding pants. Also remember to stay dry. Being wet will cause chills to set in more quickly than if you're dry.