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6 Noteworthy Real Estate Articles

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6 Noteworthy Real Estate Articles

One of the great things about being a real estate agent and blogger is the opportunity to see other fantastic content. There are some really talented writers who publish great articles but don't always do what is necessary to promote it!

5 Real Estate Articles Featured at Buzzfeed

Content marketing is in fact one of the most important things you can do after publishing an article. While content is king, there is not question that promoting that content is queen. One of the things I realized long ago as a real estate agent in Northbridge MA is the need to think outside of the box when publishing a real estate article. If you do the same things everyone else does your chances of having the best visibility are going to be limited.

Unfortunately a lot of real estate bloggers do not realize this. Some agents really provide truly wonderful content but don't do anything to promote it. You can't just hit the publish button and expect to having people knocking down your door! One of the things I really enjoy doing is saying thank you to those who have helped me in some way. A great way of doing so is showcasing some of their articles is various high traffic sites.

My most recent post at Buzzfeed does exactly that. There are 5 top real estate bloggers who are featured at Buzzfeed. Each of the articles is really well written. The great thing about these articles is none of them are similar in the least. All five of them are written on radically different topics. This gives anyone reading the opportunity to pick and choose which article strikes their fancy. Take a look at one of these 5 real estate articles at Buzzfeed and see if any of them catches your eye.

30 Must Follow Real Estate Bloggers on Google+

If you are a regular poster on Google+ and have a real estate blog then you are probably familiar with quite a few of the must follow real estate bloggers on Google+. Each and everyone of the bloggers who are around daily on Google Plus understand the important of social media and content marketing. Google+ is one of the best social platforms for a Realtor to get their content in front of more people. David R. Miller has done a great job of bringing to everyone's attention who are the must follow bloggers. Take a look at Dave's article to see a featured article from each of these top real estate agents.

How to Make Home Buying Easier

The home buying process can be made much easier when you are well prepared for your journey, especially when you are a first time home buyer. In this article featured on Credit Sesame you will see the best tips to make the home buying process a breeze. Getting your finances in order before you even start looking at homes is sound advice. There are many buyers who don't bother to check on simple things like the accuracy of their credit report. Can you imagine putting in an offer on a home, applying for a mortgage and then in the middle of the transaction find out you have a major credit issue? Believe it or not this happens more than you can imagine. This is just one example you will find in the article on how to buy a home with less problems.

This in fact is the perfect lead in to the next featured article which is the mortgage mistakes so often made by first time home buyers.

Mortgage Mistakes of First Time Buyers

When you are doing anything for the first time it is very easy to make mistakes. This certainly is the case when buying a first home. Some of the most common first time buyer mistakes involve financing. In his latest article Xavier De Buck does an incredible job reviewing the most common mortgage mistakes made by first timers. If you are thinking about buying your first home this would be a great post to read from top to bottom. A well educated buyer is one that rarely makes mistakes. Take the extra time and you will be one of these buyers!

Do I Need a Building Permit

One of the major mistakes that many home owners make is doing improvements to their home without a permit. This of course can be a major problem when it comes time to sell. I have seen this a number of times over the years in my real estate career. Depending on the city or town you are located in it could become a nightmare scenario. Can you imagine finishing your basement without a permit and then when it comes time to sell the local building inspector tells you that walls need to be ripped out? If you think this can't happen then you are wrong! In this excellent article you will see when you need to pull a building permit for work done to your home. Don't miss it!

Real Estate Negotiating Tips

Without a doubt buying and selling a home can be stressful. One of the worst parts for both buyers and sellers is the negotiating that takes back in forth in a deal. Real Estate agents are of course the middlemen who are paid to keep a cool head on their shoulders. In his latest article Paul Sian offers up some great real estate negotiating tips that are bound to be helpful to keep the transaction going as smooth as possible. From start to finish Paul shares what you should and shouldn't be doing. Take a look at some of his excellent tips.

So there you have it - 6 Noteworthy real estate articles worth your attention. Take a look and if you enjoy them please think about sharing!

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