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5 Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful For Your Kids

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Moving With Kids

How to Make Moving Less Stress on Your Children

Deciding to move to a different house can be both an exciting and stressful moment. It can be exciting as you will be moving to a new and potentially better place. If you have kids, moving to a different house can offer your children more space to play and develop new skills.

On the other hand, selling a home with kids comes with a lot of stress. The adults will feel the pressure because of all the procedures that they have to follow, contractors to hire, and things to move from one place to another.

The kids can also become very stressed as they will leave the comfort of their room and have to get used to something totally new. So, if you want to help your kids feel no stress during the moving process, you should read all of the moving tips offered here.

Part of the moving priorities will be getting your kids settled properly so they can adjust quickly.

Keep Your Child Informed

If you talk to your child and update him updates on the moving process, he will feel less stress. The timing is also essential. Even though you will inform your child, you should also pick the right moment when to do it.

For example, if your child is a toddler or preschooler, you can let him know about the moving decision with approximately one month before the process begins. Thus, you will give him enough time to process the information and get used to the idea.

Moreover, if you are selling your house and you expect potential buyers to come and visit it, you shouldn’t wait too much before breaking the news. Even though the new place is going to be better for him, you shouldn’t tell your child only what’s going to be different. At first, your child won’t see the benefits, but the significant change that is coming ahead.

Therefore, whenever you discuss with him, you should also talk about the things that will remain the same. If time allows it, you can also take your child to visit the new place and agree together where he will have his room and how you will develop activities together.

When you take your kid to the new house, make sure to point out some places which might interest him. For instance, you can show him the nearest ice-cream or candy shop. Therefore, he will get excited to move to a place that is very close to his favorite sweets.

Create a Moving Schedule

Once you have informed your child about the move, you shouldn’t just leave him to get used to the idea. It is essential to make him part of the entire process and become excited about the significant change in his life. Thus, you can spend some time together and create a moving schedule. You can establish together the moving phase and write down the deadline for each of them.

Furthermore, you can also ask for the best writing help and create a funny and exciting moving schedule to keep your child engaged from beginning until the end. Doing so is an excellent method to help your child slowly assimilate the change and get prepared for the final date when he will have to change houses.

Plus, this is how you show him how important his opinion is for you and that you want him to become part of your decisions. Therefore, he will feel less stressed during the moving process and feel optimistic about the change.

You can also create a game of “lasts” and “firsts.” For instance, you can note down in your schedule which is going to be the first night spent in the new room, the first day he goes to school from the new house, or the first friend he will make in the new place.

On the other hand, you can also write down details about the last night slept in the current room, the final walk in the garden, or the last cake baked in the present kitchen. All these ideas will make the idea of moving more manageable.

Explain to your child why you are moving

One of the most significant stress factors for a child is the unknown. When you just break the news without explaining to your child why you decided to move to another house, it is like you dropped the bomb in your child’s room.

The age of your child is not essential in this context. Irrespective of how young or old your child might be, you should inform him about the reasons that stood behind your decision. It is better to give him all the details and make him part of the process if the age allows it.

Especially when you are making decisions regarding your child’s room, you should involve him in the prep and discussions. By seeing that everything is well organized, and you have an explicit schedule in place, your child will feel safe and understand that you are making the right decisions for him.

You can also organize some exciting games for your child related to the move and make him excited to hop into this new adventure.

Accept your child’s grief

At first, it is perfectly reasonable that your child won’t feel happy about the moving decision. Even though you know that this switch will improve his growth and development, he won’t see things the same way.

Thus, he might feel sad and express his feelings a bit too loud in the beginning. However, you shouldn’t get discouraged with this reaction and keep putting efforts into showing him how beautiful the new place will be.

The idea of leaving his areas and friends behind can be some of the triggers for negative feelings. Therefore, you can cope with this situation by taking your child to visit his friends, take photos with them, inform them about his new address, and say goodbye to each other.

If you are changing the town, then you shouldn’t forget about his favorite places. Before leaving the city, make sure that you have enough time to take a walk to your child’s favorite places and say goodbye to them.

You can create a moving book where you can add the pictures with all the sites and friends. You can add on the book’s last page a photo with the new house.

Also, you can encourage your child to write under each picture why he likes that place or person and what is his best memory related to it. On a moving day, you should also take some moments to say goodbye to each room. All these strategies will help your child feel comfortable about the move and embrace the change with an open heart.

Take your child to fun activities in the new place

Going to a new house is extremely stressful for any child. Keep in mind that he left his friends and favorite places to come to an unknown location where he has to start from zero.

If, for an adult, the moving process is complicated, you can only imagine how doubtful your child will feel. Therefore, you shouldn't leave him nervous about living in a new place and engage him in different activities.

For example, you can go out to play together and meet the new neighbors. You can also go out for a pizza and search for the best location in town.

Children are usually friendly, and they will make new friends easily. So, you just need a bit of patience to introduce your child to the neighbors and let him socialize with other kids of his age.


Moves can be very overwhelming, both emotionally and physically. No family member doesn’t feel the moving process as a very stressful one. Children are susceptible to such situations, and they need a bit more attention from your side to accept the idea.

Keeping them informed and getting them involved in each phase will help your kids feel less stressed and accept the move without any problem.

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About the author: The above article on tips to make moving less stressful for kids was written by Daniela McVicker. Daniela is a freelance writer and blogger. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is traveling and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experience.

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