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7 Tips For Making a Home For Sale Shine on The Internet

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How to Make Your Home Look Beautiful Online

How to Make Your Home Look Great Online

Do you know how to make your home look great online? With over 90% of home shopping starting on the internet, it is vital for homeowners to make sure their home looks great for both photos and videos. 

Buyers quickly scan through listing pictures to see if a home will interest them or not.

If the home’s online presentation is not so great, then fewer buyers will bother to come to visit the house regardless of how it looks in real life.  Use the tips in this article to make sure your home looks in tip-top shape, and that presentation also carries forward to when the buyers actually come to visit.

Make Cosmetic Repairs and Updates

High definition photos and videos will magnify any damage or wear and tear present in carpets, walls, fixtures, and more in and around the house.  Especially with the ability for buyers to zoom in on pictures, what may look like a small scratch on the wall that is not visible from further away is readily apparent when zoomed in on.

Buyers are looking for move-in ready homes and homes with worn carpet, faded paint, or damaged trim means work will need to be done by the home buyers in order to make the house look beautiful.  Buyers may also think that if the homeowner could not take care of easier things like paint, installing new carpet, or something else, then what else could be wrong.

Fresh paint and well-maintained floors show well in pictures and videos.  Especially when the paint job is recent and is using modern neutral colors, the buyers will be more excited to come and see what potential the home has for them.

The more buyers who visit, the better chances the homeowners will get one or more great offers and get their home sold. Making your home look more appealing to a buyer doesn't have to be costly.

Declutter the Home

Furniture blocking entryways, excess furniture in general, unusual collectibles, and more should be dealt with prior to the home being photographed and recorded on video.

Home buyers will be better able to appreciate the layout and size of rooms when they are not overburdened with excess knickknacks, or the rooms are made to feel small with too much furniture.  Sometimes certain doors and closets are blocked off because they are rarely used, and while that may be fine for the homeowner, it is not ok when it comes to showing off the inside of the home.

Buyers will walk through different paths multiple times and will want to explore every closet in detail to make sure their belongings and their lifestyle will fit the house.

Unusual collectibles only serve to distract home buyers from seeing the actual home for what it is.  Plusrelationship collectibles run the risk of being damaged or mysteriously walking off on their own if left around unsecured.  Homeowners should pack away unique and valuable collectibles so buyers can focus on the home rather than what is in the house.

If you have way too much stuff, it might be advisable to seek out a local storage unit nearby to put what you don't need in a different place.

Depersonalize The Home

While the homeowners may have had great memories of things they did in the home, the buyers do not need to see those memories.  Whether they be of photographs, trophies, personalized items, or something else that speaks only about the homeowner, those items should be put out of sight and out of mind of home buyers.

Buyers need to be able to see how they would live in the house and be able to imagine the memories they can create so they can form a connection with the house.  Buyers who don’t feel any relationship with the house because they are distracted by the homeowner’s memories are less likely to make an offer, so depersonalization is a must.

Deep Cleaning

Just as high definition photos and videos can capture the flaws with paint or bad carpet; it can also catch the home that has not been cleaned very well.  Dust bunnies, clumps of pet fur, dirty windows, greasy stained appliances, and more are easily noticed in pictures.

The presentation must be “picture perfect,” which means homeowners need to be doing a deep cleaning of the house, so everything looks spotless in the photos and video.

Use Professional Photography

Cell phone pictures just won’t cut it when many homeowners and many real estate agents are using professional photographers with professional level photography gear to take photos of the interior of the house.  While cell phone pictures have come a long way from the flip phone era, they are still not as good as a dedicated camera used by professionals to take photos of a home.

The whole purpose of all the preparation work mentioned above is so that a home looks great in photographs and videos.  Cell phone pictures with their narrow field of view and difficulty in dealing with low light do not make for great photos for marketing a home online.

Price It Right

A house may look great online through proper presentation and great photos, but the buyers will not show up if the home is overpriced.  Overpricing a home is one of the top reasons homes fail to sell.

Buyers are cautious with their money and will be looking for a home that fits their budget and is reasonably priced.  Most homebuyers working with a real estate agent will be able to spot an overpriced home and will be less likely to want to visit the house due to considering it a waste of time.

Homeowners are advised to price their home based on comparable recent homes sales that are similar in size and condition to their own home.

Carry Through All The Above Tips

The worse thing homeowners can do is get the home in a sparkling state and then ignore it after the pictures and video have been taken.  Nothing will turn off buyers more than seeing what looks like a beautiful home online and coming into the real place and finding it cluttered or dirty.

While it is tough for homeowners to keep on top of cleaning for every showing, that is what will be needed at least until an offer has been accepted.  Once an offer has been accepted, the sellers can relax a little but should still keep the house in good shape as the home inspector does their home inspection and home appraiser walkthrough.

The home buyers can and do walk through with the home inspector, and the homeowner should try their best not to leave any wrong impressions with the buyers at those times as well since a home is not entirely sold until all paperwork is signed at the closing table.

Final Thoughts Making a Home Look Great Online

Homeowners looking to get their home on the market early in the spring season should be preparing in mid to late winter in order to make sure everything is picture-perfect.  Buyers are looking for great homes that show well online and also look great in person and will be ready to make an offer for that type of home.

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About The Author: The above article on 7 Tips For Making A Home For Sale Shine On The Internet was written by Paul Sian.  Paul is a real estate agent with United Real Estate Home Connections and runs his own real estate website where he actively blogs about the buying and selling of residential and investment real estate. Reach out for any guidance you may need.

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