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Affordable Real Estate in Communities West of Boston

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Affordable Real Estate in Communities West of Boston

If you are going to be relocating into the Metrowest Massachusetts area and are working on a limited budget or have certain expectations of what you want in a home, the following towns offer the maximum amount for the money. Each of these communities are not longer than an hour from Boston.

Many of them are much closer due to their excellent highway access or the ability to jump on to the Boston commuter rail. All of these communities West of Boston would be considered some of the more affordable in the area.

Northbridge MA Real Estate

Covering a total area of 18.1 square miles, Northbridge is located in what is known as the Blackstone River Valley in the south central part of the state. Part of Worcester County, Northbridge is a suburban town that is growing steadily as people move out of the city and into nearby commuter towns. Consisting of several villages, including Whitinsville, Linwood, Riverdale, Rockdale and Northbridge Upper, this town is still an ideal place to find an affordable home in a community you would like to call home.

The Blackstone River Valley is considered culturally significant for both Massachusetts and the United States, as the first industrialized region in the country. This means the manufacturing history here is substantial. The U.S. would not be what it is today without the strong manufacturing push that occurred in this area.

Today, Northbridge offers a number of different cultural attractions and dining and entertainment options. It is also located in an excellent location for commuters, situated between Interstates 146, 395, 495 and 90.

With a median home value of $285,800, Northbridge real estate falls in the middle of options for residential towns in commuting distance to major MA cities.

There are a number of different housing types available in Northbridge, including affordable condominiums, single-family homes and luxury and executive homes.

The median age of real estate in Northbridge is 43 years, meaning there is still plenty of life left in the majority of the housing stock here. Half of the housing stock is less than 43 years old, another factor to consider when you are looking for a good deal.

This means there are a great number of options to choose from, both in size, style, price and age. See this community guide from a top Northbridge Massachusetts Realtor that discusses all the reason why you would want to live in the town as well as a review of the real estate market.

Northbridge is approximately 32 minutes from Boston, making commuting relatively easy.

Grafton MA Real Estate

Grafton is unique compared to many towns in this part of the state. Still considered partly rural, it offers a special kind of lifestyle for those still interested in being in commuting distance of Boston. Only 30 miles outside of the city, located in Worcester County, Grafton offers some sizable lots and great real estate deals for those really looking for a different kind of living outside of the city.

Grafton originally formed as a hub for manufacturing in the area, giving it an interesting history that can still be seen in the local sites. These include the Willard House and Clock Museum and the old mill villages of New England Village and Farnumsville. You can also find a number of architectural styles on North Street, South Street and Worcester Street, including Victorian, Greek Revival and Early American architecture.

The town occupies an area of 23.3 square miles.

Grafton offers an excellent variety of affordable homes within a respectable commuting distance from both Worcester and Boston. You can get a lot of home for your money here, making Grafton a major location to consider buying a home.

And not only does it offer semi-rural options and more for your money, it also is located on the commuter rail line – a great perk for those that want to spend a day in the city without the hassle of driving and traffic. Here is another excellent review on why numerous home buyers are checking out Grafton Massachusetts Real Estate. After reading you will have a better understanding why this is an up and coming town in the Worcester County area.

Grafton has also seen a huge surge in construction of new homes. This means you can actually find a home to customize, not a re-sale, for somewhere in the 500's and 600's. Nearby communities just don't offer this kind of price point for new construction. If you are looking for a great deal on a new home, this is the place to find it.

Grafton also offers a range of affordable condominiums and mid-range single-family homes as well. Both Grafton and Northbridge are two popular communities West of Route 495. In our next edition we will preview three more towns that are considered both affordable and worth checking out for your next real estate purchase. These towns include Milford, Bellingham and Upton. If you liked these community reviews be sure to look for future guidance.

If you like the general area but have a little bit more to spend in your budget you may also want to check out some of the community reviews found at this Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate guide where a number of towns are previewed. Some of these towns would be considered "blue chips" and therefore would be more expensive. Whatever your budget there are a number of great towns in which to purchase a home outside of Boston. The Metrowest area has become a popular destination for living in the suburbs but not too far from the city.


There is so much good information here Bill to help buyers become familiar with Metrowest Massachusetts and make better buying decisions.

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