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The Basic Home Security Checklist Every House Needs

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Home Security Checklist

What to Know About Home Security

Millions of people buy homes in the United States each year. Being a homeowner for the first time can be both a stimulating and intimidating undertaking.

If you are used to renting a home, then you are probably unfamiliar with how much works goes into maintaining a residential property. Not only will you need to focus on things like your home’s roof and plumbing system, but you also need to work on keeping your residence secure.

Over 2 million home burglaries occur in the United States annually. Instead of waiting until you are the victim of a robbery to take action, you need to start securing your home right now. While increasing the level of home security you have in place will be a bit expensive and time-consuming, it is worth the investment.

The longer you wait to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your home, the harder it will be to avoid break-ins. Read below for details about the things you need to check when trying to ensure your residence is secure.

Set Up a Security System

Before you begin the process of checking the various elements of your home to see how secure they are, you need to invest in some security equipment. If your home does not have a modern and functional security system in place, now is the time to get one. Advanced security systems come in a number of shapes and sizes, which is why you need to do your homework before choosing one.

If you are looking for a security system option that is both effective and easy to install, wireless security systems are a great option. Not only can these systems be installed in a hurry, but they also work very well. See some excellent options at Alarm Grid.

If you are unsure what security system option is the best fit for your needs, consulting with home security professionals is a great idea. These professionals will be able to recommend a system based on your home size and budget. Be sure to ask the security professionals installing the system how much monitoring costs. Having your system monitored will help you get the authorities in-route when a break-in occurs. By increasing law enforcement response time, you can catch a burglar in the act.

Are Your Windows Secure?

Once you have a security system in place, you need to start looking at the most common points of entry for burglars. The windows are one of the first things a burglar will check when trying to gain access to a home. Leaving your windows unlocked will lead to lots of problems. The last thing you want is to provide a burglar easy access to your home and the possessions contained in it. When inspecting your windows, you need to make sure they are both locked and functional.

If a window is damaged and easy to pry open, you need to either fix it or replace it. You can also invest in window alarm sensors to add a higher degree of security to this part of your home. These sensors can be tied into your existing home security system. When a window is opened, the sensors you have in place will trigger an alarm. Getting these sensitive pieces of equipment in place will be easy if you hire professionals. DIY window sensor installation never works out, which is why working with a seasoned home security professional is a good idea.

Inspect Your Exterior Doors

Another prevalent point of entry during a burglary is a home’s exterior doors. While most homeowners never leave these doors unlocked, they do ignore the need for better security. One of the first things you need to think about changing on your exterior doors is the screws in your striker plate.

Usually, the screws that come with these striker plates are very short. These short screws will not provide much protection if a burglar starts to repeatedly hit the exterior door to breach it. This is why you need to think about using longer and more durable screws.

You also need to inspect the locks on your exterior doors. If these locks are not functioning correctly, replacing them is a must. If you want to update your locks, you need to consider all of the options on the smart lock market.

These locks can be locked and unlocked with your smartphone. Consulting with a home security professional is a great way to figure out which locks are the best fit for your particular needs. Once you know what type of locks you want to use, hiring an experienced locksmith to install it is a good idea. By doing this, you can avoid making mistakes that may affect the way the locks function in the future.

Work on Illuminating the Outside of Your Home

Some homeowners get so involved with bulking up security on the interior of their residence that they forget all about the exterior. Instead of leaving this portion of your property vulnerable, you need to find a way to add more security.

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by installing outdoor lighting. Not only can landscape lighting make your home look more appealing, but it can also make burglars think twice about trying to break-in. If the outside of your home is well-lit, it will take away the ability a burglar has to lurk around undetected.

When you are looking for more outdoor optimizations to improve security, you need to think about trimming your shrubs and bushes. It's possible if these landscaping elements are left high, they can be used by criminals to hide in plain sight.

Some homeowners don’t have the time or the tools needed to get this job done on their own. This is why hiring a landscaping professional is a must. While you will have to pay these professionals for their help, it will be worth it considering the results they can provide.

Investing in Security Cameras is a Must

With all of the home security equipment in the modern market, choosing the right one can be difficult. If you are looking for peace of mind, then investing in a high-quality security camera system is a must. When shopping for a security camera system, be sure to find out about the remote viewing capabilities being offered.

Systems with this capability allow you to look at a live feed from your home’s cameras from your phone or mobile device. If you travel a lot for work or pleasure, then you need this remote viewing option to help put your mind at ease. Trying to install these cameras on your own can be difficult.

Ignoring the need for a professional security camera installation can lead to long-term problems. This is why scheduling a few onsite consultations with security camera installation professionals in your area is a good idea. The information from these consultations will allow you to choose the right professionals to get this job done.

When Selling a Home Skip The Open House

One of the things that real estate agents love to push when selling a home is open houses. If you are selling a home, it is essential to know you are putting your home at risk of theft - something very few real estate agents bothers to tell their seller clients. Why? If you knew an open house was utterly unnecessary to sell your home, would you have one? Of course not!

This is the very thing real estate agents don't want you to know. Letting a bunch of people into your home that don't belong is dumb. Unfortunately, this is what happens across the US every day because people are uneducated about the fact that open houses are a magnet for crime.

If you insist on opening your property up to strangers, here are some tips for keeping your house safe during an open house. You can also read some additional general tips on keeping your home safe when selling as well.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

The longer you wait to improve the security your home has, the harder it will be to keep your family and possessions safe. The time and money you invest in bulking up your home security will be worth it.

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