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Beautify Your Bathroom: 17 Fantastic Tips for Bathroom Makeovers

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Tips For Remodeling a Bathroom

The Best Tips For Remodeling a Bathroom

Your bathroom is the space where you can decompress after a long day, or revitalize yourself after a long night's sleep, so your bathroom should look magnificent.

When remodeling your home, your bathroom should get just as much attention as you give to any other area. In fact, it may deserve even more.

After all, for many of us, there's nothing that provides the relaxing reprieve of a long, hot bath after our roughest days.

Although your bathroom may serve as your private sanctuary, it's one of the most overlooked areas of the home, according to Reader's Digest. And, as the article points out, it's one of the areas that guests tend to notice the most.

One of the best things about designing a stylish bathroom is that it's usually one of the smaller rooms in the house. And, this can be a valuable asset when remodeling.

Trying to decide which decorating ideas will bring out the best in your bathroom?

Read on to find out our top tips for beautiful bathroom makeovers!

17 of Our Favorite Ideas for Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers

Although you may not realize it, the bathroom serves a multitude of purposes in most people's lives.

It's the first place you go in the mornings and often the last place you visit before hitting the bed at night. It stores many of your daily essentials. And it's a room that honors some of your guests' most urgent requests.

So, treat it right by incorporating these ideas for beautiful bathroom makeovers.

1. Splurge on High-Quality Materials

Since the square footage is likely small by comparison to other rooms in your home, you can often splurge in ways that you might not be able to afford elsewhere.

For example, the rich look of marble makes it one of the materials that we love best for bathrooms.

Marble has always been a timeless and elegant choice for exquisitely designed bathrooms. And it's is not only beautiful, but it often adds value to your home.

It may be a bit pricier than some of your other options. An, it requires yearly maintenance, which includes sealing it to keep it looking its' best.

While this might be a problem if you were to use marble flooring in the living room area, or marble tile for your kitchen countertops, it's more feasible and affordable for smaller spaces such as the bathroom.

2. Add Luxurious Design Elements

Today's most beautiful bathrooms feature at least one "wow factor" that catches the attention of all who grace its' territory.

In the bathroom, you can display eye-catching designs, without appearing gaudy or overdone.

Today's options include ornate Italianate or Meditteranean designed bathtub enclosures that make every bathtime feel like a getaway.

Or, if you appreciate the finer things in a more traditional design, one of our favorite picks is a claw-footed bathtub. Reminiscent of days gone by, it's an experience that brings to mind a time when life moved at a slower pace, and functional home furnishings were created to look beautiful.

3. Install Creative Shelving

Is your bathroom a tad too small?

Creative shelving allows you to store your bathtime belongings in a way that's attractive and saves space. It is a fantastic way of staging your bathroom.

Use them to arrange neatly folded towels, hand towels, soaps, fresheners, and more. If you have items that you prefer to keep out of plain sight, group them together and place in complementing baskets or decorative bins.

You will still have everything that you need at your fingertips, and your bathroom contents won't be crammed in unaccommodating places.

4. Keep Countertops Clutter-Free

One of the most straightforward tactics for bathroom makeovers is a simple idea that anyone can do.

Keeping your countertops clutter-free minimizes chaos and maintains a clean, organized appearance.

Cluttered counter space racked with beauty and personal care items can make even the cleanest restrooms look unkempt. But, there's a quick fix. It takes only minutes to put things into containers, drawers, or cabinets, but the difference that it makes is impressive.

If you are thinking about new counters, it is one of the best bathroom remodeling projects you can do.

5. Create a System to Organize Essentials

If your bathroom tends to collect all kinds of personal belongings, including dirty linens, hygiene items, makeup, beauty products, and more, it's time to up your organization skills.

You can create an easy organizing system on a budget. Or, opt for professionally installed organizational systems in the closet, cabinetry, or other hidden spaces.

There are a million hacks that are great for organizing bathroom supplies. We love the idea of a lazy susan under the sink to keep cleaning supplies out of sight.

Another easy tip is to use a decorative, stylish laundry bin with a lid. There are endless choices to choose from, including metal, wicker, and fabric-covered options.

Antique laundry hampers are perfect for traditional bathroom makeovers, and they can even add more style while serving as a functional hideaway for yesterday's clothes.

6. Cleanliness Counts

Not all ideas for bathroom makeovers cost a fortune. With some good cleaning products and a little elbow grease, your bathroom can look a thousand times better in just one afternoon.

To save even more, consider non-toxic cleaning supplies that go a long way, but cost next to nothing. You can even create your own magic eraser for practically pennies with just a few essential ingredients that you might already have lying around the house.

7. Make the Most of Storage With Space-Saving Additions

Some of the best bathroom makeovers we've seen apply crafty design solutions without compromising style.

For example, added nooks around your tub are great for storing bath supplies. Although this area can be easily hidden with a hanging shower curtain, neatly arranged soaps and bottles are likely to go unnoticed when tucked away in the corners of the wall.

8. Incorporate Small Touches that Make a Big Difference

When many people consider bathroom makeovers, they tend to think big. But, small touches can mean just as much as some of the more costly decorating trends. Plus, they serve as a nice surprise touch for visitors reaching for soap or a hand towel.

You might offer guests an array of beautiful soaps arranged in a classy, antique soap dish. Or, get creative and come up with details that are all yours. One decorating idea that we've seen is substituting a beautiful shell as a soap-holder, filled pastel soaps in a variety of delicious scents.

9. Lavish with Rich Fabrics and Textures

When you step out of the tub, a plush, soft bath rug feels so much better than cold, hard tile, likewise for velvety bath towels. And, a shower curtain, in a solid color, and natural fabric with its' own unique texture, looks sophisticated and straightforward.

10. Encourage Energy-Saving Habits

What could be better than staying on trend while encouraging your bathroom guests to save energy?

Simple-to-incorporate energy savers that spring to mind include light dimmers and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, cane, and reclaimed wood.

Today, you have the option of installing high-efficiency showerheads and faucets that can save energy while saving you money on your monthly water bill as well. If you have a newer home, you probably already have a low-flow toilet, but if not, these are another reduced-energy option.

11. Offer Diverse Lighting Options

You can also save energy and increase comfort levels by offering a few different lighting solutions. Installing LED lightbulbs will significantly reduce your household's energy usage. Also, if your bathroom features multi-bulb light fixtures, consider switching to a fixture with fewer bulbs.

Most bathrooms are over-lit, but you can check to find out how much light is needed in your bathroom by checking its level with a light meter.

A rooftop skylight window provides natural, bright rays to wake groggy visitors in the morning, and at night its' rays turn to dark so as not to interrupt circadian rhythms.

You might also consider lamp lighting or dimmed lighting over separate areas, such as over the shower or sink so that they can be used only when needed, and give users an amount of light tailored to fit their personal preferences.

12. Focus on Low Maintenance Designs and Furnishings

Choosing countertops that can be easily wiped clean, open floor space, and washable linens is a must-do for bathroom makeovers.

You'll want to have designs and furnishings that offer practicality. They should be easy to clean and maintain on a whim and without too much effort. Otherwise, you risk time-consuming bathroom duties that you may be tempted to put off week after week.

13. Forget Busy Patterns and Opt for Sleek Minimalism

Luckily, today's trending styles for bathroom makeovers aren't fussy or distracting.

Clean, sleek lines popular in home decorating techniques provide guests with a peaceful environment that's easy on the eyes. And, sticking to simple colors, materials, and designs makes maintenance and decorating more effortless for you, too.

14. Use Calm, Relaxing Hues

When choosing interior paint for your bathroom, you may be tempted to use a bold or dark hue.

Our advice?

Resist the temptation and settle on calm, relaxing shades in a variety of hues. Not only will this open up small bathroom spaces, but it will also make bathtime feel like a secluded retreat after a busy day at the office.

15. Choose the Right Fixtures

Bathroom hardware and fixtures should be based not only on their look, but also their ability to dispel smudges and fingerprints, how well they mask daily use, and their overall care and maintenance.

Simple, stainless steel fixtures are a universal favorite among today's homeowners.

They can be easily wiped clean, yet they look style-savvy and up to date. And, they are one of the least expensive options you can choose for fixtures. Plus, they come in a variety of finishes so you can match according to your personal tastes.

16. Choose Timeless Designs

The good news is that many of today's trending ideas for bathroom makeovers include timeless classics, so this shouldn't come as too big a challenge.

Although it's tempting to go with the current fads when choosing what to use for a semi-permanent home remodel designs, it's best to opt for designs that are likely to withstand the test of time.

The last thing you want to do is to makeover your bathroom, only to find out that the designs you have chosen are no longer in style as soon as the paint dries.

17. Be Careful With Wallpaper, Wood, and Paint for Walls

When settling on your bathroom layout, pay extra special attention to the material you decide to use for your wall's surfaces.

The bathroom differs from other areas in your home a bit due to the moisture and wear that it's exposed to regularly. Most wallpaper and certain types of paint don't tend to fare as well under these conditions.

Even wood walls can pose an issue if they collect excessive moisture residue. However, with proper ventilation, wood will usually equal the durability of sheetrock. If the wood used is treated and high-quality, it may even outperform standard sheetrock walls.

Most professionals would agree that the best option for bathrooms is tile. It is unmatched in its' ability to stand up to moisture and is super-easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe over the area with a cloth. Spills, smudges, and stains are typically not an issue when you use tile.

You might also consider tile or similar material for floors, counters, and backsplash as well.

Want More Home Improvement Advice?

Bathroom makeovers tend to be one of the most fun, and time-efficient remodels that you can do for your home.

We've got super-easy tips for updating every room. Just reach out, and I will be delighted to share them with you. Here are tips for decorating your kitchen and tips for decorating your bedroom to get you started.

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About the author: The above article on bathroom remodeling tips was written by Joy Bender. Joy is one of the top Compass Real Estate agents in San Diego. An accomplished writer of real estate articles designed for buyers and sellers. She has been a featured author in prestigious publications such as RealTrends, RIS Media, The National Association of Realtors, REALTORĀ® Magazine, Inman News, and others.

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