Finding Landlords That Provide Second Chance Rentals

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Landlords That Provide Second Chance Rentals

Tips For Finding a Rental When You Have Problems

Are you trying to find a place to rent but don't have the best credit standing? The search for an apartment is an important one for the millions of Americans that rent their homes. You want to find a place that you love, and one that meets all of your needs.

Whether you are looking at downtown Dallas apartments or some in the suburbs of Atlanta, there are a lot of considerations to make. You need to think about the space, the layout, the amenities, and many others.

However, if you have a credit score that is less than ideal, shopping around for apartments can be quite stressful. Some landlords might not take you, or might charge you unfair fees or costs. This is why it is so vital to always be working on improving your credit score. Eventually, you may want to purchase a home. Doing so isn't easy when you have financial problems to deal with.

Thankfully, there are second chance rentals that could be right up your alley. But how do you go about finding landlords that offer these second chance rentals? Well, that’s precisely what this blog post is going to look at.

What is a Second Chance Rental?

Before we look at the tips for finding a second chance rental, let’s take a closer look at what they are. A second chance rental is essentially a place that is willing to rent with those that have a less-than-perfect rental history. This could be caused by bad credit, a previous eviction, issues with previous landlords if you’ve broken a lease, or have struggled to make payments on time.

These rentals provide a second chance for people to become tenants and prove they are better than their past rental history shows. Many second chance rentals may want to see and hear about the progress you are making to rectify past issues, while others will rent to you no matter what. The rent at these units itself should be normal, though some might require a higher security deposit to offset the risk.

Tips for Finding Landlords That Offer Second Chance Rentals

Now that you’re aware of what second chance rentals are, we can begin to help you find landlords that offer them. Unfortunately, finding these rentals as someone with a spotty history can prove challenging. But thankfully, there are a few tips that can help.

Look Online and Ask Around

The first step to finding them is to look online. Whether on social media or their websites, you can reach out to many different landlords and see their comfortability dealing with someone with a poor renting history. Some might even advertise that they are open to working with such individuals.

Also, if you know of anyone who has previously been in a similar situation, it’s a good idea to ask them as well. They will have real-life insight on your issue and can help you through it. Over time, you will develop a list of landlords or rental companies who may be willing to work with you. Next, you just need to reach out to them.

Be Honest and Upfront

Finding someone to work with is often all about being honest. Instead of trying to make excuses about why your rental history is bad or blame others, be upfront. Tell the truth and show them the changes you are making to ensure you don’t go back to how you used to be.

Many landlords will appreciate the honesty, and if you can sell them on the positive changes you have made, you might just be able to convince a landlord to rent to you. If you lie about your situation or your bad credit from buying a house, you will eventually be discovered and could find yourself in a lot of trouble; This will only make your situation worse and put you back to square one.

Have a Cosigner

If you are able to find a cosigner, finding a landlord willing to provide you with a second chance will be much easier. A cosigner is someone who will sign your lease with you and will agree to take over the payments if you are unable to make them for whatever reason. It makes the lease much less risky for the landlord, as you aren’t the only one on the hook when it comes to paying.

Of course, the cosigner you have needs to be in possession of a better credit score and rental history than you. Be sure not to take advantage of the kindness of your cosigner, and do all you can to ensure you don’t ever force them to cover your rent for you.

Make a Good Impression and Be Prepared

First impressions mean a lot, especially when looking for your next landlord. Every time you reach out to one, make sure you are doing so professionally. If you have meetings, make sure that you look presentable and have all of the different documents that they might want to see.

The more prepared you are for their questions, requirements, or concerns, the more impressed these landlords will be. Make sure that you are also prepared financially. Make sure you have/make enough to afford their advertised rent, and ensure you have enough saved to cover the deposit and such. Some landlords won’t hold onto a unit forever, so before you search, be sure you can afford the units you are enquiring about.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you be able to find landlords that offer second chance rentals.

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