First Apartment or Home Checklist: What You Need for Move-In Day

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First Home or Apartment Checklist

What to Have When Moving Into an Apartment

Are you looking for a checklist of what you need when moving into a new place? The process involved in shopping for a new home or apartment can be very tedious.

That fact is undeniable. However, the real hassle starts when you start the process of making your dream house or apartment comfortable and/or functional.

Remember that you still need to move your valuables from the old home to the new home, which can be an extreme sport if you are on a shoestring budget or moving across the country. Sometimes you need to shop for new furniture and other household items.

Preparation for moving from one place to another is essential for less stress and headaches.

Don’t panic, though, for this article provides you with a list of everything you need for your move-in day. The list will help make your move-in day as hassle-free as possible. Moving into an apartment for the first time is often challenging, especially when you don't know where to start.

But before we get down to the list, are you comfortable with the new apartment's general appearance? Most often than not, moving into a new place necessitates minor renovations. You need to fix a few faults that the home’s ex-tenant left and probably remove their personality in order to create room for your own personality.

For instance, the colors they chose for the interior walls, the wallpaper they chose for the kitchen, and the lighting they installed could be outrageously out of your taste. It could also be that the kitchen and bathroom appliances in the home are outdated or malfunctioning.

Then comes another tricky part: Do you DIY or hire a contractor? Hiring a contractor is obviously expensive, but it is worth every dime in the long run. If you just moved from one state to another, for example, hiring a reputable contractor for your home remodeling will save you lots of stress and confusion of traditional home remodeling.

The contractor will share the best layout with you, find an ideal installation schedule, and determine the right materials for your remodeling project. That frees up your time so that you focus more on other core aspects of the move-in.

If you only need to make smaller changes, rather than a full-fledged remodeling of your house, you can. Keeping tabs on cost overruns will be essential as it is effortless to go over budget.

Once your home is move-in ready, go ahead and check out our move-in day checklist. Here are the essential items you need for your move-in day:

Have a Cleaning Kit

Suppose you do not have access and cannot clean your home before moving your things; you may want to have a cleaning kit. This kit should consist of, but not limited to, a broom, mop, dusting rugs, all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, and sponges.

These key supplies will come in handy when you want to clean before you start unpacking. If you’re super busy or can simply not be bothered with that, you can hire a professional cleaning company to organize and clean your space, so it becomes much easier for you to unpack.

A Mattress and Bedding Are Key

When you first move into your home, the other must-have item is a mattress and bedding otherwise;, you risk sleeping on the floor. The day you move, you will be surprised at how exhausted you will be at the end of the day.

It is important to have clean sheets to spread on that mattress to sleep comfortably after a long day.

A Home Toolkit

When you begin unpacking, you will realize how essential a step stool is to elevate you to reach the ceilings or high walls. A tool like a screwdriver will be critical when you want to assemble a bookshelf or any other household appliance that needs to be put together.

Other items such as extension cords will ease connecting electronics in your home. Lastly, you may require a flashlight to illuminate in the dark if you are unable to set up your electricity or when there is a power outage.

Bathroom Essential Items

Be sure to pack towels, toilet paper, bathing soap, as well as a shower curtain, and hooks because, at some point, you may need to use the bathroom and shower once you are done unpacking.

A shower curtain will protect the floors after your bath remodeling and ensure that they remain dry. Lastly, pack as many toilet papers and as you can because you can never have enough of these toiletry items.

Kitchen Items

Pack enough paper plates. You may not have any plans to cook for the first couple of days, but you will require somewhere to put the take-out that you order. These plates are easy to dispose of, and you will not need to worry about cleaning them.

You should also have mugs, cereal bowls, water glasses, pans, and other light equipment such as microwaves and toasters.

Consider getting ready to assemble cabinets for your kitchen where you can store your kitchen items; this will come in handy on your move-in day when you’re trying to organize stuff, but also, for the long-run, keeping kitchens organized can be hard in general.

First-aid Kit

A first aid kit is necessary for any home. The kit should be composed of essentials such as plasters, sterile gauze, safety pins, tweezers, muscle relief ointment, and medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs. With all the activities you are involved in during the first couple of days when you move, anything could happen, and you need to be prepared.

Have a Sleepover Bag

It is important that you pack a sleepover bag. It may likely take you a couple of days to unpack and arrange everything in your new home. Having a bag with pajamas, a few clothes, toothpaste, oils, and lotions will help you get through the night on your first day.

Final Thoughts on Moving Into Your First Apartment

Having these items will get you through the first days in your new home. Importantly, you need to ensure that you label the boxes correctly to avoid frantically looking for something in the wrong box. Following sound moving tips will make your whole experience far more pleasant.

Hopefully, you have found these tips for moving into your first apartment to be useful.

About the author: The above article on a first home or apartment checklist was written by Dana Brown. Dana is an avid writer and marketing expert who loves providing tips on all things related to moving and real estate.

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