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How to Choose a Great Real Estate Domain Name

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Real Estate Domain Name

The Importance of a Real Estate Website Name

Are you considering purchasing a domain name for your new real estate site? A great real estate domain name is a critical investment when building an online presence. In fact, it is one of many vital real estate marketing strategies to propel your business as an agent.

Not only does the name represent your brand, but it’s also tied to its ranking and growth potential. Perhaps the best way to pick a domain is by understanding its opportunities.

The article you’ve stumbled on here provides a few primary considerations that will influence your choice when buying a domain for your real estate business.

Branding vs. Search Engine Optimization

A domain name informs a person before they ever reach the site, whether through a brand name or keyword that reflects what it’s about. Sometimes there are crossovers where the brand name leverages a keyword and vice versa, but you may have distinctions between the two.

The choice becomes:

Use the business/brand name (ex.
Use a keyword-rich name (ex.

Branded domain names are ideal if they’re available, and you’ve made the efforts to build its presence through traditional marketing avenues. This makes it, so your name is instantly recognizable, online since your market was already introduced through print ads, billboards, meetings, and the like.

Search engine optimized domains are a nice alternative if you’re wanting to squeeze every opportunity in ranking well for the local market. For example, leverages both the location (Jupiter) and a secondary keyword (Exclusive Homes). Once you’re aware of this practice, you’ll see them almost every time when searching Google!

If possible:

1. Grab a branded real estate domain for your personal and real estate firm
2. Leverage a keyword-rich localized site for added search presence. For example, if your website specializes in providing expert moving advice, it would make sense for your domain to have the word "moving" be an essential part of the domain. Part of making sure people remember your site when moving is to the words as part of the domain. Always think about being memorable when choosing your website name.

Domains aren’t expensive, so grab a few variants if you’re finding them available! This also carries the added benefit of shutting off the competition from swooping in on these opportunities.

Give It Purpose and Make It Memorable

A domain name also includes its extension like .com, .net, .org, and so many others. Today, there are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from.

The .com extension is still the most desirable, but we’re seeing that change in recent times. People aren’t as focused on the extension – just that the site/page gives them what they want. So, you can happily choose those odd-ball extensions like .guru, .wow, and even .realty.

You will want to consider what the extension conveys.

A realty site like takes advantage of the .info extension to convey its focus on information and guides. This is subtle, but it conveys a concept before someone clicks through. A site using .realty already tells us that it’s a real estate site, and so on.

The other aspect of it is how easy the domain is to remember.

How do you craft memorable real estate domains?

1. Get inspiration from well-known real estate sites.
2. Explore play on words, industry sayings, and mottos
3. Let names dwell for some days, seeing if they “stick.”

Take Zillow, for example. There’s something about it that has you remembering what the site is after interacting with it once. It almost becomes part of your vernacular when describing house hunting.

A few other tips:

Try to keep it short and sweet.
Don’t overcomplicate its spelling.
Avoid hyphens, numbers, and such.

Take your time deciding because this is something you’re locked in with for a good while!

Use a Template and Think About Scale

Do you keep getting a “domain is taken” result when looking up names? It’s frustrating but common since there are over 2 billion websites these days!

When you’re totally stumped – try the following:

Location + real term (ex. ChicagoRealEstatePros)
Adjective + realty term (ex. UnbelievableLivingSpaces)
Name + realty term (Ex. JohnSmithRealty)

A lot of domain name registrars provide suggestions when they display whether your domain is available. Look at what they’re suggesting for some good ideas. Otherwise, do some domain brainstorming, try using a domain name generator, keyword tool, or ask friends and family what they think would be good!

Sometimes the best domains are the ones that materialize from the strangest influences.

Here's another thing:

Think about how the domain scales if you choose something that's templated. Think about if you'll later expand into new areas that could negate your use of a specific location in the domain. Or, if you decide to expand the services offered at your real estate company.

Consider Who You May Work With

You're not the only one working to sell a home in your area. There are plenty of other players involved, from home builders and inspectors to insurance companies and more! You'll discover that many could team up to promote each other's businesses -- a win/win scenario!

Take, for example.

The use of 'local' as a sub-domain opens a site to local real estate agents, service providers, and just about any other business within one’s professional connections. This is replicable on your real estate agent site, too, by way of a 'business resources' or 'directory.'

Your domain - when branded - passes its perceived value onto this directory.

Who knows? Maybe your becomes a sort-of hot-spot for all home services in your area. Imagine what's possible when those are looking for home goods, services, and the like, are now interacting with the very person that's selling the homes!

Finding Success with Your Online Presence

It’s tough competing with big names in the real estate industry as they dump tons of money into marketing and ad campaigns. But there are always opportunities! Developing a great website presents an opportunity to compete, especially if the big companies are neglecting your area!

Having a great real estate domain name is the start of creating a fantastic online presence. Use what you’ve learned in this article to find that perfect domain for your needs!

About the author: The above article on how to choose a real estate domain name was written by Waleed Mohammed. Waleed is a search marketing expert and web builder in the real estate space. Waleed’s passion for real estate is apparent through his excellent communication skills and user-friendly website.

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