How to Design Luxurious Bathrooms in Your Home

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How to Design a Luxury Bath

Making a Bathroom Luxurious

Are you considering remodeling the bathrooms in your home? Renovating the bathroom is a fantastic deal! Most real estate agents will tell you it's one of the most essential rooms in the house when it comes time to sell. The last thing you'll want when selling is giving the buyer the impression they're purchasing a fixer-upper.

Bathrooms are spaces homeowners often neglect, but start adding a touch of luxury, and your place transforms into a contemporary glam for a spa-like retreat at home. You can add the luxe feel to your bathroom by enhancing little details like the bath mat, mirror, or storage. Adding accessories is an affordable way to stage your home. Who doesn't like a makeover on a budget?

There are various ways of elevating the look of your bathroom to an expensive one. Here are a few crafty ideas to design a luxurious bathroom:

1. Tech Savvy Bathroom

With technology making innovations, homes are now turning into smart homes. A bathroom is one of the places in your home where you can use technology.

Turn your bathroom into an automated bathroom. When you walk into these bathrooms, the lights turn on automatically. You can save water by installing infrared sensor faucets, which will shut down automatically after running for a few seconds without any touch. Fancy toilets that will keep the seats warms, sensors that will automatically open the lids and shuts down depending on if someone is coming close to it.

If you are into the "smart home" concept, here are some other smart home upgrades worth investigating.

2. Refined Contemporary

Contemporary designs are timeless beauties in residential homes. Modern, minimal, and chic designs give a smooth appearance. Bright, bold colors and an airy bathroom creates a unique and welcoming room.

A shower space enclosed in glass walls, a curtain of crystal-like beads around the window, gives a feel of a waterfall. The glass-covered shower also gives an impression of open space. It allows natural sunlight to illuminate the gorgeous bathroom.

Another look is the integrated washbasin as a piece of modern furniture that matches the roundness of the wall, with a mirror-covered cabinet that gives an organic sense in the room. You can also pair a square-shaped sink with a marble countertop to provide an exotic look.

3. Open Bathroom Retreat

The bathroom and bedroom are the two places where you want to destress and relax after a long day. The most popular demand while remodeling your bathroom is having a bathtub inside your bedroom or a contemporary glass shower. It gives a breathtaking look with the centerpiece tub with matching vanities on each side, creating a bright room.

You can provide a curtain partition between the shower, dressing area, and bedroom

4. Modern Conveniences

With evolving home designs, the bathroom is more than just a space for a quick shower. Today’s luxury bathroom is all about the stylish, user-friendly features that make going to the bathroom a joy.

Make your modern spa-like bathroom with simple amenities like a steam shower that produce a high amount of steam at a secure temperature. It recreates a steam spa at home, and you can loosen up your stress at the comfort of your home.

Temperature controlled flooring, quiet ventilation systems, and humidity sensors are a worthy addition to the modern luxurious bathroom. In case your bathroom doesn’t have the privilege of natural lighting, then for bathroom ceiling lights installing LED lighting or daylight fluorescent lights creates a faux skylight. See some great examples in the reference.

5. Store Bathroom Essentials in Glass Jars

Complementing the bathroom decor with glass jars gives a sophisticated spa kind of vibe. Organize your bathroom essentials like cotton balls, cotton pads, and Q-tips in glass jars, which make them visible and easily accessible on your counter. It is also a simple way of knowing when you need to stock up on your supplies.

For small bathrooms, mason jar does the trick. For a big bathroom, you can use candy jars, which are 18-23 inches tall to store sea sponges, soap bars, or to hold a rolled towel. Place them at the foot of a pedestal sink, which gives a sharp look for the entire bathroom.

6. Add Music

A bathroom routine is not complete without listening to some good music. For a grand morning and nighttime routine, install a high-quality waterproof Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom.

Bluetooth speakers that come with in-built mic allows you to take calls when you are in the shower. You can also install a shower head that comes with a Bluetooth speaker that lets you listen to music without having to worry about your phone. Increase the entertainment quotient by installing a waterproof Television with a glass frame or white frame.

7. Floral arrangement and stones

The fresh-scented bathroom makes the room smell fresh and free from toxins. It can be challenging to achieve, but decorating the room occasionally with fresh flowers boosts your mood.

Automatic air fresheners also do their job of covering the smells and add a pleasant aroma in the room. If your toilet does not have proper ventilation, it leaves your bathroom smelling musty and damp. Using a dehumidifier is an easy solution to this problem. No matter how high-end amenities your bathroom has, if your bathroom doesn’t smell right, it all goes in vain.


The above ideas of high-end amenities and aesthetic choices are great ways to turn your bathroom from ordinary to opulent. Redesigning your bathroom according to your style and taste helps you prepare yourself for a productive day ahead.

If you are a beachy person, then adding stones near your bathtub and a jute rug adds a beachy vibe to the room. Every modern home deserves an upgrade to a luxurious bathroom to satisfy your needs.

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