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How Do You Know When it is Time to Move

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How to Know When You Should Move

When Should You Move?

Are you thinking about moving and wondering if it is the right time to do so? Switching to a new home can be a stressful experience for everyone. It requires hours of searching for moving boxes, placing them on a truck, unloading them, and then getting rid of them.

You must forward all your mail and update all your accounts with a new address. It can be a real hassle to move, which explains why many people tend to put it off for as long as possible. How can you tell when it’s finally time to move?

If you’ve been pondering this question, then it may be just the time for you to make the switch. Here are a few common reasons that people make the final decision to leave their current home for a better one:

Running Out of Room

You spent the day out shopping with your best friend and picked up a few new things that you love. They might be extra sweaters, a pair of new shoes, or some cute items for the living room. Unfortunately, you unpacked the bags and discovered that you actually have no place to store these items in your current home.

When you start to run out of room to bring new things in, it might be time for you to invest some energy into finding a new place with more square footage. After all, living with too many people in one home can be uncomfortable.

Of course, there are other scenarios that might cause you to run out of space beyond just shopping. Maybe you recently had a baby, or an elderly parent recently moved in with you. No matter what the reason, you don’t want to be tripping over your things for the foreseeable future. If you can’t bring yourself to part with some of your items, then it’s time to look for a bigger place.

Too Much Empty Space

For many people, running out of room is the first sign that they need to consider making a move. However, the opposite effect can also be a sign that it’s time to switch apartments. If you have too much empty space in your home, then it’s a sign that you might need less square footage. This would allow you to fill the area with your furniture more comfortably and prevent you from spending money on space that’s not being actively used.

Upgrading Your Lifestyle

Did you recently get a raise or earn a higher-paying position within your company? Maybe you’re ready to get out of that starter home and into something a little bit nicer. Every once in awhile, you might want to consider whether you are ready to upgrade your current lifestyle. This might mean moving into a nicer neighborhood or finding a place that has more features - like central heating and air conditioning, a swimming pool, or an area perfect for hosting barbecues.

Choose the perfect apartment for your family by considering what your needs are before you upgrade your lifestyle. Make a list of the features that your ideal home would have before you start apartment shopping. This makes the process much smoother and can help you find a home you are happy with, quicker

Indications of Electrical Problems or Other Major Issues

You need to be able to rest assured that you and your family are safe inside your current home. If you have any indications that you might have a major issue like an electrical problem, then you need to consider moving sooner rather than later. Most people don’t know what to look for, but they can keep their eyes open for any of these 5 indications of electrical problems:

Outlet issues
Buzzing lights or appliances
Burning odors
Tripped breakers
Dimming or flickering lights

When you experience just one of these issues, it might simply be time to call out an electrician to survey the problem and offer some assistance. However, a home that suffers from multiple electrical problems might be very costly to repair. You might consider placing your home on the market so someone else can manage these types of major repairs. If you start to see the warning signs that a major breakdown might be on the horizon, you may want to move.

This also applies if you see issues with other major systems like the plumbing or the foundation. When the repair bills start to stack up, it may be a good idea to cut your losses and find a new place to live.

A Long Commute

In today’s economy, a lot of people feel fortunate to have a job at all. They took the best available position they could find, even if it meant a longer commute to and from the office. Now that you know you’re going to be staying in this position for a while, it might make sense to try to move closer to work.

It can be extremely stressful to have a commute that takes close to an hour each way. Moving to an apartment closer to work would give you more time for sleep and more opportunity to be with your family.

Better Schools for the Kids

When you first moved into your new place, maybe your children were not yet of school age. As they get older, lots of things can change, and you might find that you want them to be placed in a better school district. The quality of your child’s education cannot be understated, so you might want to move to an area that is well-known for its academic achievements.

While finding a new home with kids can be challenging, it's worth it for their future education. Many families find themselves packing up boxes to give their children an edge for their future.

Safety Concerns

When you go to bed at night, do you sleep with one eye open? Many people who live in a bad part of town leap at the opportunity to move their family into something safer. Whether the entire neighborhood is prone to crime or you simply have disrespectful and disruptive neighbors, making a move in this scenario can do wonders for your mental and emotional health.

It will reduce the amount of stress you feel day after day from worrying about the safety of your family. This is an excellent reason to consider moving from your current home to somewhere new.

Final Thoughts on When to Move

Whether you are moving up or moving down, the time to move is really a personal choice. What might be right for one party may not be for another. You really need to analyze your present situation and consider some of the factors discussed here. Hopefully, some of this information has been excellent food for thought to make a sound decision.

Part of the decision might be analyzing where the real estate market is headed in the area you are looking to relocate to. If it's becoming a buyer's market and prices are dropping, it could be a perfect time financially.

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About the author: The above article on knowing when it is time to move was written by Kiara Fullham. Kiara is a writer based in Canada. She writes articles with a focus on marketing and home improvement for a variety of businesses.

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