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How to Maintain Your Garage

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Tips For Maintaining a Garage

Tips to Maintain Your Garage Well

Garages are an essential requirement for any right home, and they offer plenty of functionality. In fact, garages now offer more technology than ever. The door of your garage is a critical aspect of enhancing the usability and appearance of your property.

You may often overlook this vital part of your garage, which can be disruptive to the proper functioning of the space.

Garage doors, like any other moving part in your house, require regular maintenance to keep them in proper shape. If you conduct maintenance on your garage regularly, they can last for many years. It is not a welcoming sign if garage doors make a squeaky or creaking noise when opening or closing. Maintaining your garage should be a regular part of your property maintenance checklist.

According to a recent survey, around 47% of the house owners never service their garage doors, and 34% admit to never conducting a test on the safety features of the garage door. The garage door is possibly the most significant moving component of any home and also doubles up as a secondary access route for the house.

Regular maintenance of garage doors can extend their working life and also brings down your overall maintenance expense in the long term. Without upkeep, the garage door may malfunction during service and may become unusable till emergency repair takes place.

As per the recommendation of the International Door Association (I.D.A.), you need to conduct testing and checking on your garage door monthly for ensuring safety. The I.D.A. also recommends regular lubrication of the garage door and following the instructions in the user manual.

You also need to check the parts of the garage door such as springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and the door opener to ensure that every piece is functioning without fault. There is no doubt that the electric door is a convenience that will make your life simpler.

If you find any wear and tear, you can perform minor replacements yourself. However, you may need to avail the service of a professional service technician to perform complicated repairs. The high tension system can cause severe injury in case of a malfunction.

You also need to check the balance of the garage doors routinely and confirm that the door lifts without any resistance. In this article, we shall go through the significant areas of focus on maintaining your garage so you can continue using your garage without any worries.

1. Clean Your Garage Door Regularly

One of the best tips for maintaining your garage doors is to keep up with the cleaning. You need to ideally clean your garage door several times a year to maintain the door in excellent working condition. You will require a soft brush and a mild detergent for the cleaning procedure. Cleaning will aid in removing the presence of corrosive chemicals and dirt from the garage door.

Routine cleaning will also make it easy to spot any parts that need repair. Appropriate cleaning of wooden garage doors is also vital in preventing warping, which will make the garage door unusable.

You may use a soft brush and mild detergent for cleaning wooden doors, which will remove sediments and chemical residue. You can also consider repainting the door periodically to minimize the moisture content, which may seep through and cause corrosion and degrade the garage door.

2. Conduct Inspection By Watching And Listening To The Door

Before operating the door, check the areas of the garage door such as hinges, rollers, cables, and springs and track down any signs of wear and tear. You also need to check for looseness in any moving parts.

If you find any broken parts or damage during the inspection, you will need to carry out some rectification work before using it again. If there are only small repairs, then you may be able to fix it yourself.

If extensive work is a requirement, then you will need to hire a professional garage door technician. Take notice of any scraping or squeaky sound or if there are jerky movements during the operation of the garage door.

You will also need to check both sides of the door to ensure that the cables, pulleys, and springs appear to be symmetrical. Take extreme care while doing repair work by yourself as it can be hazardous and cause severe injury.

3. Lubricate The Moving Parts

You need to lubricate the moving parts regularly using an aerosol lubricant, which is one of the primary tasks of maintenance. Periodic lubrication will not only keep your door from making unpleasant creaking or squeaky noises but also extend their life significantly.

You may use silicone lubricant on sections of the garage door such as rollers, door hinges, the lock, and the pivot points. Ensure that you do not use silicone lubricant on any of the plastic parts.

You need to apply lubrication on the hinges which attach to the roller and the rollers themselves between the panels. You also need to lubricate the chain or drive the screw of the garage door if your garage uses an opener.

You will need to clean the parts of the garage door if there are any obstructions by using penetrating solutions such as WD-40 to clean the build-up of dirt before initiating lubrication. You also need to check the torsion spring and oil it if there are signs of rust.

Ensure that you refrain from using lubrication on the belt drive opener if your garage door uses it. Periodic lubrication reduces the stress on the various moving parts in your garage door and enhances the life of the door.

4. Inspecting And Cleaning Tracks

Periodically examining the tracks is an excellent method for preventing failure of the garage door due to wear. You have to explore the track on either side to assure that they are free of accumulation of dirt or rust.

You can avail of a level to check if the vertical tracks are perfectly straight. If you find the rails to be out of alignment, you can unscrew the bolts in the mounts of the tracks. You can then proceed to make the tracks straight and tighten the bolts again.

You can use a non-corrosive solution and a piece of cloth to clean the visible sections of the roller carefully. You also need to remove excess moisture before the lubrication process.

If you find any issues with the springs, it is safer to use the services of a professional technician. The springs are at high tension and can cause severe injury in case of an accident.

5. Testing The Door Balance

Before commencing with any test, ensure to disengage the automatic door opening system. If your garage door lacks proper balance, then the moving parts will wear out faster. If the door has an appropriate balance, then it should open and close seamlessly with little effort.

You may test the balance of your garage door by unhinging the release handle of the door opener. You should be capable of lifting the door halfway manually, and the door should stay open without your help.

If your garage door fails the test, then the door may be improperly balanced, or the door springs may be worn and need replacement. Either way, you need an inspection of your door with the aid of garage door repair services.


If your garage door requires urgent repair work with the help of a professional technician, you may need a power cord for conducting the repair work. After finishing the repair work, check the weather seals or install them to the bottom of your door.

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About the author: The above article on how to maintain your garage was written by Derek Edison.

Derek is an interior decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating an aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. He focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learned from his experience as an interior decorator in a concise manner so that it can be used by everyone to make their surroundings beautiful to live in. Currently, he is working with Elitetech Garage repair services.

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