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More Affordable Towns West Of Boston For a Real Estate Purchase

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Affordable Towns West Of Boston For a Real Estate Purchase

In my last review of some of the more affordable towns west of Boston for purchasing real estate I looked at Grafton and Northbridge Massachusetts. Grafton and Northbridge are located just outside the route 495 belt and offer affordable alternatives for those looking to be in or around the Metrowest area.

This time I will be looking at three more terrific choices for those who do not have big budget when it comes to buying a home. These communities include Milford, Bellingham and Upton. Each of these towns has vastly different characteristics so it will be worth reviewing what each has to offer.

Milford MA Real Estate

Milford is located in Worcester County and offers a range of affordable real estate options for potential buyers. Covering an area of 14.9 miles, Milford offers a warm community setting with a rich history. First settled in 1662 and later incorporated in 1780, the town holds on to much of its heritage – as can be seen in the older buildings throughout the town.

Although the town honors its history, it has also moved into modern times along with other area towns. Milford is home to a highly regarded medical facility – Milford Regional Medical Center – and a number of cultural and entertainment options can now be found within Milford. These include the Claflin Hill Music Performance Foundation, Inc.; The Milford Performing Arts Center; Rhapsody Music and Art Center and the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Milford is also easily accessed by Interstate 495 and several major retailers can now be found in the town, including Kohl's, Lowe's, Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy, among others.

One factor that draws a lot of buyers to Milford is the affordability of the real estate. There are a number of towns in the Metrowest area that home shoppers consider, but Milford stands out for the value you can get for your real estate dollar. It ranks at the top for how much house you can get for your money, with more square footage and larger lots than many of its other Metrowest counterparts. See this Milford Massachusetts Realtors guide to learn more about what the real estate market and the community have to offer.

Milford has plenty to choose from, whether you are looking for an affordable condominium or a single-family homes. Because your dollar goes further here, you can often find a home that would be considered luxurious by the standard of other Metrowest areas, but it costs far less than you would expect.

Bellingham MA Real Estate

Bellingham is located on the southwestern edge of the Boston area. It is close enough to the city to be considered an ideal commuting town, yet it is far enough removed to retain the small-town feel that so many people crave when moving out of the city. Don't be mistaken, Bellingham has grown substantially over the past decade. Yet is still has an enviable balance of convenience and accessibility.

One interesting aspect of Bellingham is that it is located in almost perfect commuting distance between Massachusetts' second major city center – Worcester (23 miles) – and the capital of Rhode Island – Providence (20 miles). It is also located within commuting distance from Boston (30 miles). It is considered part of both the Providence metropolitan area and the Boston- Cambridge-Quincy metropolitan statistical area.

Bellingham has seen considerable economic growth in recent years. This makes it a perfect place to buy a home. Combined with its near ideal commuting distance from all three major cities in the area, it is easy to see why so many people are looking at real estate here. This is a great community guide on Bellingham Massachusetts Real Estate that would be worth a look to give you a more detailed outlook on the market and town itself.

Condominiums can still be found in Bellingham for under $200,000, while there are also plenty of upscale homes that cost over $700,000. Currently the average sale price for a home in Bellingham is around $260,000, although this number can change surprisingly fast depending on what the market is doing currently.

For instance, the price of homes in the past year has gone up by a little over 5%, with a projected increase of another 4% over the coming year.

This means that now is the time to get a home here. The market is going up at a steady rate, yet prices are still fairly low after the real estate slump that occurred a while back.

Upton MA Real Estate

Located in Worcester County, Upton is approximately 39 miles from Boston. Upton has an especially interesting history as an early shoe manufacturing hub. The trend started with small shoe shops known as “ten-footers”, shops which later were absorbed into large manufacturing endeavors. In 1837 the little town produced over 20% of the boots made in the county. The town was also home to the Knowlton Hat Factory, built in 1872 and added to the National Historic Registry in 1982.

Upton has maintained its small town charm, so much so that major shopping options are only found in neighboring Milford, Grafton or Westborough. Many residents find this a desirable trait. Upton is a small town and will probably stay that way for some time to come.

Upton's small size offers a great advantage to those looking to purchase a home. Unlike many towns in this area, Upton has special zoning laws that result in substantial lot sizes – a minimum of 80,000 square feet – nearly two acres – in many cases. Often the lots are even bigger. Not only are the houses more reasonably priced that bigger towns, you also get a lot more for your money. If you are looking to buy a good sized lot with plenty of privacy, there are few places better to find one this close to major metropolitan areas.

Learning more about Upton is easy when you take a look at the Upton Massachusetts Real Estate guide. Let this resource help you decide if the demographics of Upton are right for you budget and location preferences.

Upton is small enough that you may miss the downtown area if you are not careful. This means you may have to go farther when you need to shop or find entertainment, but this is a typical sacrifice people are willing to make to have the privacy offered by larger lots and better home prices.

Milford, Belllingham, Northbridge, Grafton and Upton are all affordable communities that are located West of Boston out in the area known as Metrowest Massachusetts. If you are a budget conscious buyer, these are all communities that are worth a look. If you have a larger amount of money you can play with 0r are willing to except less home here is a review of some other top communities for Real Estate in Metrowest Massachusetts. Many of these towns would be considered "blue chips" with exceptional school systems, great housing stock and easy access to the Mass Pike.

The saying you get what you pay for is never more true than in real estate. Towns that are considered the best of the best will perform better when the market is going up or down.

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