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Real Estate Website: How to Improve Its Sales Potential

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How to Improve a Real Estate Website

How to Improve The Sales Potential of a Real Estate Site

Do you want to learn how to improve your real estate website to its fullest potential? Studies have shown that buyers and sellers prefer turning to the web when looking for a REALTOR.

If you’re one, chances are you already know how important having a strong online presence is. Designing your own website provides these people with a place where they can find your contact info and learn more about your operations, and browse listed homes.

So, if you’re looking to make more sales, it’s a good idea to do some tweaking on your website. It is one of the best strategies for growing your real estate business. In case you’re not sure how to start, check out these seven ways to improve its sales potential.

Come up with a good value proposition

Your value proposition is one of the most important things you need to have on your website. For those who don’t know, value proposition answers the question – “Why should I use you?” and it’s something every business website needs.

In other words, it’s a way to convince visitors that they should choose you over your competitors. This is a good thing to tackle before you just start redesigning the site to keep things interesting. If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself questions such as “What am I good at?” and “What is it that makes me unique?” In case you don’t think the site answers these questions clearly, it’s time to give users more reasons to turn to you.

For example, if you are a Realtor, let buyers and sellers know that. Consumers should know there is a difference between a Realtor and a standard agent.

Start navigating visitors

Nobody likes websites that are difficult to use. When users can’t find what they’re looking for right away, there’s always a chance they’ll give up and turn to your competitors instead. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to make sure you give them exactly what they want and make it easy to navigate to each one.

When browsing the web for listings, most people look for house pictures and neighborhood information. Navigate users to this type of content, and there’s no doubt you’ll do well. Another way to accomplish this goal is to include “Call-to-actions” (CTAs) and encourage users to click on other links on your site.

Boost your reputation

A significant part of your clients is first-time homebuyers. This means they’ve probably never worked with a real estate agent, and they don’t know what they can expect from you. Therefore, it’s common for them to do plenty of research before making any final decisions regarding the Realtor they want to hire.

The easiest way to encourage them to choose you over your competitors is to make them feel they can trust you. The best way to do this is to design a professional website that shows you take your career seriously and are ready to invest in it.

Be transparent about your results

Buyers and sellers are always more likely to turn to real estate agents with positive results. This is another good reason to collect data about your work, besides doing it to figure out what areas of your operations you can improve at.

Once you collect all the data you need, it’s time to share it with your clients and give them another reason to choose you over your competitors. You can also think about using digital marketing reporting software and rely on data to help you form relationships with your clients and build trust.

Showcase your expertise

Another thing buyers and sellers expect from their REALTOR are to be good at what they do. Once they enter your website, expect them to look for the type of content that showcases your expertise. This is why it’s a great idea to start writing a blog for your site.

Writing entertaining and informative blog posts shouldn’t be tough, and it’s a guaranteed way to make visitors feel comfortable hiring you. All you need to do is stay on top of the most recent trends in real estate and present those trends in a blog post form. If necessary, think about taking a writing course before you start. Having a blog is an excellent strategy for a real estate agent.

Take quality pictures

As mentioned above, photos are the first thing people search for when looking for listings online. When they enter a website with poorly-taken pictures of the homes available, chances are they’ll leave before even taking a good look at them.

Not only this, but they’ll consider that specific Realtor to be unprofessional. Technology has evolved a lot over the last few decades, and clients expect real estate agents to have everything it takes to take quality pictures of homes listed for sale. If you don’t think you can do the photos yourself, consider working with an expert who’ll do it for you.

Make it easy to contact you

Another thing people search for on websites such as yours is contact information. Whether they’ve already checked out your listings or they just need a piece of information, they’ll look for your contact info and message you or give you a call.

However, if your contact info is difficult to find, they won’t spend a lot of time searching for it. This is why you need to make things such as your email and phone number as visible as possible. You can even include links to your social media pages just to show potential clients that you’re ready to speak with them at any time and any place.

Include advanced search options

Quite often, visitors don’t have time to go through all listings on your website. Instead, what they want to see is homes in their price range, based in neighborhoods they’re interested in, and if they meet the FHA credit score requirements for the selected property. FHA is a very popular loan among first-timers.

With that said, including an advanced search option on your website seems like a fantastic idea. As long as it makes it easier for visitors to find they’re looking for, the advanced search bar will do wonders for your website.

You can also include the classic search bar and allow visitors to search for absolutely anything on your website.

The bottom line on improving a real estate site

Everything we talked about earlier shows that presenting a quality website is a fool-proof way to attract new buyers and sellers. As long as you have the right tools and choose the best strategies, forming meaningful relationships with them and turning them into loyal clients shouldn’t be tough.

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About the author: The above article on how to improve a real estate agent's website was written by Lillian Connors. Lillian loves writing about a myriad of topics, including real estate, finance, home improvement, and DIY projects. She is into green practices and sustainable housing.

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